Cut It Out – With Our Waterjet

Classic Monogram inlaid using glass

Classic Serif Monogram Inlay using Dreamwalls Color Glass

We’ve been working on this wall install project for a few weeks, and I was hoping it’d be installed before now,…but you know how that goes with scheduling. So I’m going ahead with the post and promise to share with you the final installation after it’s complete.

This delicate inlay of glass to glass using Dreamwalls Color Glass in True White and True Black was created using our powerful water jet cutter. This machine can do tiny delicate cut outs or large custom-shaped countertops. It can cut out holes for switchplates, outlets, stovetops or sinks (above-mount or under-mount). But what is really fun is when we get a little “artsy” with it.

Detail of Glass Inlay

Detail of Glass Inlay

It can pretty much do anything created using a CAD program and saving in a .dxf format. Price is set by how long the piece spends on the machine. 1/8″ glass cuts faster than 1″ glass. Glass cuts faster than steel. (Yes, I said steel. It can cut through steel up to 6″ thick!) Basically, if you can draw it, we can cut the design.

I can see this not just for a wall installation, but for a headboard or media center. Just think of the possibilities!



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