Glass Backsplashes

Anchor Ventana Dreamwalls Kitchen Installation

Glass is one of the most practical materials to use for kitchen and bathroom backsplashes. It’s non-porous, non staining, doesn’t need sealing, and even dried-on spaghetti sauce can be removed days later. It’s hygienic, by inhibiting the growth of mildew and can be sanitized completely. Add all that practicality to the fact that we can paint it any color you specify with our computerized intermix system, and then cut it into any custom shape necessary with our water jet cutter,…and you can literally have the backspash of your dreams.

Anchor Ventana Wet Bar using Dreamwalls Color Glass

This is one of my favorite backsplash installations. Anchor Ventana out of Round Rock, Texas did it. They are terrific and they did a great job measuring for this job. Love how the cabinet inserts coordinate with the backsplash. And notice the matching outlet covers?

Anchor Ventana Dreamwalls Color Glass Backsplash 2

I think this was a phenomenal job, and while it’s a great backsplash installation, I wanted to show that glass is also great for cabinet inserts, wet bars, and the little details like outlet covers and switchplates. These are unique, unifying elements that you can’t accomplish with tile or stone. But also, this project is a counter point to the idea that glass is super-modern or “euro-styled”. It can be a calm, inviting place to enjoy a cup of coffee or fix a family meal.

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  1. Nice job! I like the glass backsplash in this kitchen.

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