Trends from High Point Spring 2011 (part 2)

My explorations of the trends from High Point Spring 2011 continues. My earlier post looked at 5 trends. Here, I’ll share another 5. I hope you enjoy my take on market – especially if you couldn’t join in on the fun yourself.

Trend #6 from High Point Spring 2011 - Burlap & Nailheads

Trend #6 from High Point - Burlap & Nailheads

Trend #6 – Burlap & Nailheads: Decorative tacking has been around for years, and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. But you’re seeing it become incorporated in greek key patterns as on the Global Views Chair (which I loved BTW because of the functional handle on the back. So practical!), become not brass tacks but jewels as on the Key City chair despite the crummy photo. I’m still seeing tons of linen with this trend too. And it seems to becoming rougher and more unrefined – almost like burlap. Is this a sign of the continuing economic times?


Trend #7 from High Point Spring 2011 - Horsey Set

Trend #7 from High Point - Horsey Set

Trend #7 – Horses: I guess they’re the new peacock, right? They can be classic, like Noir Furniture‘s hooves ottoman, or funky like Phillips Collection‘s Deborah Butterfield inspired piece. When you think about it, they’re perfect for paintings: you put a picture of a dog or a cat up, and leans towards whimsy. But a horse is this poetic, majestic animal that hint at freedom and classic wealth at the same time.


Trend #8 from High Point Spring 2011 - Chain Gang

Trend #8 from High Point - Chain Gang

Trend #8 – Chain Gang: I’ve liked chain details in fashion for a while – and it looks like it finally jumped to home decor. Made Goods did a beautifully classic mirror using the motif. Arteriors took it more industrialized. And Phillips Collection managed to make them look eco-friendly by carving them out of wood.


Trend #9 from High Point Spring 2011 - Reptile Skins

Trend #9 from High Point - Reptile Skins

Trend #9  – Reptile Skins: I like skins. They are masculine, tactile, can be classic with a little bit of an edge. Design trends that appeal to both genders is important to me (I’m talking to you, Pantone’s Color of the Year: Honeysuckle), and this one fits the bill. I saw them created every which way: faux, embossed, or the real thing.


Trend #10 from High Point Spring 2011 - Lucky Clover

Trend #10 from High Point - Lucky Clover

Trend #10 – Lucky Clover: This is a classic shape, but I’m seeing it around more and more. Notice how Julian Chichester used it in the mirror, screen and pillow fabrics. Perhaps it’s an optimistic note for our country? Maybe we all could use a little bit of luck. Regardless, I think it’s a pretty detail without being overly floral.


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