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With this Wordle, Dreamwalls Glass has officially reached our 100th blog post. And with that, I can honestly say his blog has changed my career. Truly. As VP of Marketing for our company, I communicated largely through print and a fairly static website. But social media and blogs have turned that thinking on its head.

You are not one-dimensional as a designer, and neither are we as a company. This blog has allowed me to meet you and communicate in a more personal way. The focus became wider: to all sorts of hobbies ranging from fine art, travel, even food,…to very practical issues of using glass products in interior spaces,…and any/everything in between.  I hope you’re finding some useful ideas and information, as I’ve truly enjoyed bringing them to you. Thank you for reading and commenting. Your support means a great deal to me, personally.

Let’s share some of our company’s top 10 blog posts from the past year. Some we received a particularly strong response from,… others we worked the hardest on,…. and still others we think have the most creativity or coolest item to share.

  1. Interior Designer Chat – participants’ blogs from each Tuesday’s Interior Designer Chat. (although I think it’s time for a refresh, so stay tuned!)
  2. Demountable Walls – a great solution for offices,…walls aren’t permanent but are beautiful
  3. How to specify a glass tabletop or counter. Very useful, and was forwarded a lot.
  4. Love Culture This interior proved to be hot-hot-hot.
  5. Tweet Up from HighPoint This movie shows an Interior Designer Chat live twitter chat and its amazing moderator, Barbara Segal.
  6. Mirror Art This fine art exhibit has a movie to show the beauty of this medium
  7. Business Cards Make a Difference Moo people can spot other Moo people.
  8. Podcast from NeoCon This was cool because it was done 100% on an iPad. Seriously.
  9. Boiserie Mirrors This post was unexpectedly popular. Like, REALLY popular.
  10. KeyBank Cleveland Just a really great, colorful space.

Remember, follow us on Twitter and “like” us on Facebook. We’ll return the favor for sure. Because if it’s one thing that this blog has taught me, it’s that we’re a community of people that encourage creativity and connections. Thank you for teaching me that.



  1. Congratulations. I’ve read all 100 and I’m looking forward to the next 100!

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