KeyBank Uses Dreamwalls As White Boards

Dreamwalls Color Glass Dry Erase Board: KeyBank (Cleveland, OH)

Dreamwalls Color Glass Dry Erase Board: KeyBank (Cleveland, OH)

One of the reason we worked so hard to make our True White Dreamwalls Color Glass so white, was for the practical use as a dry erase board. This installation in Cleveland Ohio utilizes that very benefit to the fullest extent. Since we can create Dreamwalls Color Glass in sizes up to 96 x 144in., creating a floor-to-ceiling dry erase surface is perfect to foster brainstorming, creativity, and a sleek look to the interior.

KeyBank at the Higbee Building was recently featured in the June 2011 issue of Architectural Products. It’s a multi-page spread spotlight that starts on page 66. According to the article, “….a wealth of collaborative spaces – including workbars, ‘huddle’ rooms, café areas and quiet rooms – foster a dynamic work environment.”  You’ll notice how Dreamwalls Color Glass was used as a dry erase board in a variety of different locations to encourage an engaging workplace.

KeyBank WhiteBoard using Dreamwalls Color Glass

A great deal of thought went into the sustainable aspects of the commercial interior. Earning a USGBC LEED® Gold rating, the project needed low-emitting materials, energy efficient audio-visual equipment, and a creative layout that supported the flexible, collaborative style of the more than 800 employees. Dreamwalls Color Glass is proud to have been a part of this amazing project, and gives special thanks to Paul and everyone at VIP Restoration, for doing such a great glazing job.

KeyBank Installation of Dreamwalls Color Glass

Bravo to all everyone involved in this project:



  1. I love what you are doing with the alternative dry erase surfaces. I invented the attachable eraser for dry erase markers (fits like a cap on the markers). You can see them here
    Would be happy to send you some of our sample dry erase markers WITH erasers for your review- as well as tips and secrets of the dry erase!
    All free- just need an address and person to send them to.

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