pbc+l RDU sign

pbc+l architecture RDU signSignage at airports can be pretty dull. But pearce, brinkley, cease + lee architecture in Raleigh created something special for Raleigh Durham International Airport to welcome visitors and set the tone for the area as one of leading areas for technological advancements in the country.

The first time you see it at night, the sign is just as beautiful as in the day. Gently glowing backlighting with a strong graphic presence, it is both comforting and dependable after a long trip.

pbc+l sign 2

pbc+l chose tempered acid-etched glass with drilled holes, then printed it with ceramic frit inks on the reverse side of the glass. The result is an image on glass that is still highly readible, while playing with the softness of the acid-etched glass.

All the steel involved is technically WAY overbuilt for the project, but the architects made the choice to reference both the terminal interiors, and to reference other objects typically found in airports,…such as radar installations and large, overhead signage assemblies. It was a good choice that turned out beautifully. And apparently, I am not alone. It won an Inform Magazine Award in 2001, and an NC AIA Merit Award in 2002. To learn more about the project, please visit pbc+l at http://www.pbclarchitecture.com/

pbc+l sign 3


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