Lovely Antique Applications

My buddy Patricia, over at the Looking at Glass blog, scours the internet constantly. She sees the “best of the best” in glass applications and art. and then puts it on her site so you don’t have to do all the hard searching. When she saw our Antique Mirror posts, she pointed me in the direction of some recent interior designs using antique mirror to a wonderful effect.

The first, is this amazing Industrial Chic & Glam condo in the Victory Park area of Dallas, TX designed by RSVP Design Services. This antique mirror wall using artisan antique glass fills the entire wall in the guest room. Absolutely to die for. Read more about the entire project on designshuffle. What I loved about this space is how the different textures create an inviting and interesting space. From the industrialized mirror, to the crystal chandelier,…the alpaca pillow, to the tufted velvet,…everything about this room begs to be touched.



The second, is from an interior by Denver, Colorado based designer, Andrea Schumacher of O Interior Design. It is in an urban townhome in Denver, and was named “Our Favorite Room” in the August 2009 issue of Colorado Homes and Lifestyles Magazine. The repeating inset creates dimension and opens up the very narrow space, but the antique mirror keeps the reflections subtle and the lighting subdued. Selected works from Schumacher’s portfolio is also featured on the houzz blog.

Metropolitan Loft contemporary
Thanks Patricia, for sharing these with me. I am so very grateful for her friendship and keen design eye. Thank you to all the fantastic designers out there doing such beautiful work and sharing it with us all. Happy Thanksgiving!

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