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Dreamwalls Color Glass Tile

Dreamwalls Color Glass Tile

As we’re doing more and more Dreamwalls Color Glass Tile projects, we are hearing the same questions over and over. So below is a little Q & A session I’ve worked up to answer some of the most common questions. Don’t see the one you were wondering below? Just ask in the comment field below and we’ll try to help!

Q: Can I use mirror mastic with Dreamwalls Color Glass?
A: We do not recommend mirror mastic use at this time.

Q: Can I still use thinset and grout with Dreamwalls Color Glass?
A: Yes you can. However, use one that is specially formulated for use with glass tile. Glass is non-porous, so it doesn’t absorb thinset in the same way ceramic tile does.
Dreamwalls Color Glass Tile in Red, White & BlueQ: What other adhesives can I use?
A: Dow Corning 995 is one of my personal favorites. It comes in a caulk tube for easy application and it bonds very well. No bleed through, no ghosting, even on the lightest colors. Don’t use untested or unsuitable adhesives such as liquid nails or construction adhesive. For a full list of tested adhesives, visit the “Approved Adhesives” list at our SITE.

Q: Sanded or unsanded grout?
A: It depends on the thickness of your grout joint. If it’s 1/8″ or less, unsanded grout is good. If it’s 1/8″ to 1/4″, you may want to look into sanded. This is what a tile guy told me once, and I believe him. But I like the smaller spacing anyway, so I’ve never used sanded, to be honest. I also worry about scratching the tile surface with microscratches as I buff the grout away.

Q: What are the max and min sizes you can create?
We can go as small as 2″x2″ and as large as,…well,…our sheet size of 96″ x 144″. However, the little mosaic stuff isn’t what we do best . We don’t currently mount any tiles to a mesh backer, so the little stuff would be far too labor intensive to install. However, with our water jet, we can cut centers out of larger tiles, unique shapes, and utilize your own CAD-designed patterns (dxf files) that express all your creativity.

Q: What color palette do you have?
A: Our colors are truly unlimited. You can specify color matches to Pantone®, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, RAL, and more. We color match through a computerized intermix system and trained color scientists that further make sure it’s a match using a spectrophotometer. It’s a labor of love, but the result is a rainbow of possibilities.

Mapei Unsanded GroutQ: Do you charge for samples?
A: Yes. But here’s why: People were getting so excited by our limitless possibilities that we were getting deluged with requests for 10, 15, 25 custom colors at a time. So now, we charge $25 per custom sample – refundable when we get the full order. It helps people focus their energies a bit more, and helps with our costs of packing and shipping.  And what we’ve found, is that folks are happy to pay for the sample once they understand that we WILL match the color they need. It’s not necessary to order 15 samples in order to pick the one that matches best. Our standard sample size is 4 in. x 6 in., but if you need something specific for the project, let us know.

Q: What thicknesses of tile can you create?
We can make tiles in as thin as 3mm (1/8″ thick) and as thick as 25mm (1″ thick) using low-iron glass.

Q: What is low-iron glass?
Low-iron glass is manufactured using fewer minerals in the glass batch. It is extra pure, which results in a glass that has less of the green or blue tint you find in traditional glass. We use low-iron glass for our back painted glass products so that the colors transmit better through the glass: reds aren’t neutralized, whites don’t become aqua, and pastels stay true. However, if you WANT the greenish tink of traditional glass, let us know we can do that too.

Dreamwalls Color Glass Tile Custom ShapeQ: Can you back paint acid etched glass?
Yes, and it looks amazing. The etched (finger-print proof) surface will still be on the top, and the color will be added to the smooth side. It creates a soft, matte finish that just begs to be touched,…and is easy to clean once it is!

Q: Is your product opaque?
Yes, we do a unique dual-coat system that creates a completely opaque product. This is important to prevent ghosting, bleed through, or trowel marks from showing through the glass.

Q: Why is heat-curing important?
Air-dried products increase the time which contaminants can be introduced to the product. Sending product through the oven immediately after coating prevents this contamination, and also speeds up production time – allowing big jobs to be produced more economically. Our paint is specially formulated to bond to the glass through this heat-cure process, which allows the glass to be cut and fabricated easily without the paint layer being either too brittle and chipping or too gummy and peeling.

Color Specification - Unlimited Options of Dreamwalls Color GlassQ: What is metamerism?
Metamerism is a term in the science of color, colorimetry, which refers to the matching of two color of objects with different spectral power distributions – the proportion of total light emitted, transmitted, or reflected by a color sample at every visible wavelength. A metameric match can be degraded when two colors are highly susceptible to changes in substrate (paper paint chip to glass), lighting (daylight vs. fluorescent), or by the thickness of the substrate (the same color viewed through 1/8″ glass vs. 3/4″ glass). Glass absorbs infrared light, so the same color can look different when viewed through glass than on a piece of paper. Dreamwalls uses a spectrophotometer to get color matches within a tight set of data points to prove a true color match.

Are there other questions you may have that we can answer? Just ask in the comment field below and we’ll try to help!

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