Glass Countertops & Tables

Today, I’m sharing more eye candy for all of the glass lovers out there! Yesterday we looked at some gorgeous glass backsplashes & home interior installations, so today I thought I’d share some equally interesting and beautiful glass countertops & tables. We just recently added clear glass to a couple tables in my home, and I really like the way it has transformed them from just plain old wood end-tables to something unique & stylish.

Not only is color glass great as a backsplash, it also makes for a great tabletop. That color looks just like our stunning Ruby Red Color Glass.

This rich chocolate colored glass bathroom countertop looks fantastic. I just love the look of glass in a bathroom because I think it looks clean and fresh.

There are so many things I like about this bathroom. First, there’s the glass countertop, then the white & gray glass-tiled wall & let’s not overlook that beautiful glass shower!

Just like the teal backsplash from yesterday, this countertop is made from 100% recycled glass materials. Wouldn’t the little pops of color in this countertop add a fun look to a kitchen?

This table incorporates two things I love…esp. when they’re together: glass & wood. This is the perfect outdoor table for my future log cabin ;)

The rippled effect of this glass counter just adds to its appeal, don’t you think?

Last, but not least, is this doubly lovely table. The table, made from an old door, gives it that perfect vintage look. The glass on top is icing on the cake!

What are some of your favorite glass countertop & table installations?

– Holly


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