Wednesday Inspiration: Glass Installations

Since I’ve been working here at Dreamwalls, I’ve learned so many new things about glass that I never even considered before seeing it on a first-hand basis. Glass really is a practical and clean option for a business or home, not to mention what a stunning & bold look it can add to any room. Here are just a few of my favorite glass installation photos from one of my personal favorite sites…..Pinterest!

I just love the bright blue color of this glass backsplash & how it looks against the white cabinets in the kitchen.

I love the uniqueness of this teal/blue mosaic glass backsplash & it was created from 100% recycled glass which makes it even better.

Doesn't this colorful tile backsplash just scream fun to you? The colors are great, the tile pattern is great....I'd love to have something like this in my bathroom!

The different shapes, sizes & colors in this glass backsplash make it one of my personal favorite kitchen installations.

I can see myself now curled up on that bed with a blanket & book in front of this cozy glass wall. I'd be set for the day :)

Mandy has shared this photo before, but it's definitely worth sharing again & it is an awesome glass tile installation that I really admire!

What an entryway! No matter how amazing the rest of the house may be, it would be hard to top this glass wall/door entry combined with that beautifully designed skylight.



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