Feeling Bullish About Big Game

Dreamwalls High Point Trends Spring 2012: FeelingBullish About The Future

If you’re looking for an optimistic trend, the High Point Market featured many bulls as eye-catching accessories. For those of you without CNBC, a “bull market” is one of strength and upwards trends. So I interpret it as a good sign to see it in so many showrooms.

In a related note, there were more than just bull horns around. There were antlers abound in everything from fabrics to paper mache “big game” to actual antlers. In one showroom in Showplace, BS Trading, which actually had a huge old washbin full of antlers of all types for sale. (I grew up the daughter of an avid hunter and wildlife commissioner, but that even creeped me out just a little.) Oh, and did I mention AntlerWorx, Inc.? They were showing too. Overall, it was a gamey theme to be sure, with plenty of cowhide and heads on walls.

Dreamwalls High Point Market Trends Spring 2012: Big Game Theory

I urge you to come back as I’ll be covering more topics about the trends from High Point Market Spring 2012 all week. (Yesterday’s post also focused on some continuing/evolving trends, so don’t miss it!) I also strongly urge you to visit the websites of the featured showrooms:


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