The Little Taste of Great Customer Service


This week, we’ve been focusing on customer service.  I was reflecting on key customer service that I’ve received that made me really feel good to be a customer,…and one experience recently jumped out at me.

There’s a little company called Apple….they make computers and gadgets,…you may have heard of them. I kid, but the point is, that they are a HUGE company and my small purchase doesn’t really amount to anything in their world. It won’t make or break them. But they have customer service that treats everyone special, and it made my life a little easier in a way that made me want to tell people about it.

It was a cold trip to Indianapolis for a sales meeting. I was super-prepared. I’d packed all my cables and adapters. I double-checked and triple checked. But when I actually got to Indy, I realized I had packed a white apple adapter,…but it was the WRONG white apple adapter. I needed a Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter,…and instead I had another type that would not help me get my presentation from computer to big screen.

I was scrambling. I went online and found the apple store in Indy. I checked the hours, I could just make it if I caught the cab now. We high-tailed it over there, 15 minutes before close. I walk into the mall and all the other stores are dark. My heart sank. But there was the Apple Store, all lit up. There were nothing but employees within,…mopping, restocking, and meeting. Technically, they were closed too. I steeled myself to turn on the charm, water-works, or cold hard cash to get what I needed from them.

But one store employee took me in and got me exactly what I needed while she explained that the mall had different hours in winter due to the extreme cold. But they were getting ready to do a training on new items, so they were glad they were there to help me. Which she did extremely efficiently. I was back in my hotel room in time to run through my presentation one more time before bed.

The fact that she didn’t chastise me for failing to call first (or make me feel like they were doing me a big favor), was wonderful. She took care of me cheerfully and sent me on my way in 5 minutes. Truly, she was only doing her job,….but it made me feel like I was important to her and she was glad to help. And it instantly made me feel even better about my MacBook Pro, my Apple TV, and my iTunes account.

So does your customer service do that for someone? Leave us a comment about a recent customer service experience that elevated the art form. And if you’ve ever reached out to us,…or had a salesman reach out to you,…we hope you’ve had a good experience. Let us know how we did.


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