Mirror Magic in Kips Bay

We’re continuing the look at the use of glass and mirror in the 2014 Kips Bay Decorator Show House in New York. For my earlier post on the topic, featuring Martyn Bullard and Ingrao, click HERE. Today I’m still looking at mirrors; aka: the “interior designer secret weapon.” For the challenges facing designers in the Show House environment, mirrors can be an excellent way to visually expand, redirect, or attract attention to certain areas.

Cullman & Kravis created a bedroom entitled “Some Like It Hot.” It is a Regency style room with obelisk motifs sprinkled throughout. It is overtly sexy, with a certain theme throughout.  The art in the room includes “beefcake” photos of the NYFD, and the also features pieces – like the one shown below over the mantle – from “The Love Doll” series by artist (and Lena Dunham’s mom) Laurie Simmons.

Cullman and Kravis Room in Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse 2014

Cullman and Kravis Room in Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse 2014

“The room represents our “modern traditional” design philosophy.  We have reinterpreted the classical architectural detailing – employing Regency brass grilles on the closet doors, but installing vibrant blue glass behind – to give the space a contemporary vibe.” stated designer Ellie Cullman in this interview with Anthony Lawrence.

(Technically, I think it is probably blue mirror, rather than blue backpainted glass, but I could be mistaken.)

Cullman and Kravis Detail in the Kips Bay 2014 Decorator Show House

Detail of the blue glass used in Kips Bay 2014 Decorator Show House

The rose tones with metallic details make it feel like the room is crafted from pink gold. Cullman & Kravis wisely incorporated copper and aluminum leaf as the base color of the molding and panels instead of plain paint, so that the woodwork seems to glow. Metallic and pearlescent paint treatments were something that you could see in rooms throughout the house by many different designers.  For some additional insight on this room, please check out the following article: Kips Bay 2014: Cullman & Kravis – Anthony Lawrence

For another room utilizing alliteration in their name as well as a creative use of mirror, look no further than Carrier & Company. Creating a larger feel to the space through the use of an antiqued mirror wall, the husband and wife team of Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller created a light, sophisticated, and very modern space with their sitting room. The enamel on aluminum painting, “Lilac Dress on Yellow” is by British artist/designer Natasha Law

Carrier & Company: Sitting Room with a View - Kips Bay 2014

Carrier & Company: Sitting Room with a View – Kips Bay 2014

The handmade golden custom wallpaper mural is the “Wabi” paper by Calico Wallpaper. It feels a bit like a  gold vein mirror of the past, but with a fresh jolt of white. It’s a beautiful process – and worth a viewing of their “Cool Hunting” video showing their process and uniqueness in their craft. 

Calico Wallpapers: Wabi Detail

Calico Wallpapers: “Wabi” Detail

What I love most about this room is that the mirrored wall treatment enhances the unique paneling architecture of the space and reflects the best feature of the room, the incredible french doors and view. The before image (below) says it all, really.

Carrier & Company sitting room at Kips Bay 2014 : Before

Carrier & Company sitting room at Kips Bay 2014 : Before

For an interesting article on what goes on in choosing a show house, assigning designers their spaces, and the challenges facing first time designers that take on this huge challenge to create such beautiful spaces for the Kips Bay Decorator Show House, read this article. And remember, if you’re in the NYC area this month, The Show House continues until May 29th. Tickets are $35 available through Kips Bay

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