Getaway Color Ways: NC Blueberry Festival

Blueberry Colors

This weekend will mark the 14th Annual Blueberry Festival, held in Burgaw, NC. More than 30,000 people attend the festival each year and take part in over 20 events like a car show, a street fair, recipe contest, barbeque cook-off, a 5K run, special exhibits, and a variety of other events. The blueberry is North Carolina’s official state blue berry (the strawberry is our official red berry), so it’s only fitting that one of the largest festivals in the south celebrating the fruit is held here. Blueberries are North Carolina’s highest rated fruit crop and the state is the 6th largest producer in the country. Pender County, where the town of Burgaw is located, is where cultivation of sweet blueberries first began back in the 1930s, giving North Carolina one of it’s most profitable crops. This video, produced by the NC Blueberry Council, does a great job of telling the history of blueberries and their importance to our state.

Not only do the berries contribute to the state economically, but they’re also very beneficial to the state’s residents. There’s a reason why blueberries are often referred to as a super-fruit; they’re higher than any other fruit in antioxidants & just one cup provides 14% of the daily recommended dose of fiber and almost a quarter of our daily Vitamin C. To top it off , they’re low in calories and taste delicious! If you’re looking for a scrumptious fruity dessert, try this fresh blueberry pie recipe from North Carolina’s premier magazine, Our State.


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