Trendspotting at NeoCon 2017

The Merchandise Mart

The Chicago Merchandise Mart – impressive

It’s the last day of the NeoCon Show at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. I don’t have a lot of time to post full trend reports, but here are a few short items from our notebook.

Pods ~ These little phone booths with a seat are for open plan offices, that sometimes need a bit of privacy. Some were big enough for meetings, but most were for phone calls and individual focused work. Economical to set up and portable, these pod systems were everywhere! This one is by FREM Group and they call it “Oasis Pod”


Cane ~ For office and institutional furniture to have cane and rattan accents was certainly a warm, welcome addition this year. It still lends a bit of formality (think of your grandmother’s screened in porch) but the wood warmth and hint of a tropical vibe was a refreshing change. This one is from Aceray’s “Tempo” collection of cane-backed seating.


Acoustical Felt ~ Manufacturers were still trying to absorb all possible sound, wherever they could find it. Felt chairs, felt curtains, felt panels, felt screens, and even felt desk accessories. This one is from Darran and they call the collection “Thinking Quietly”

Darran_Thinking Quietly -Felt

What trends have you spotted this year? Let us know in the comments below!


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