Desert X Offers Reflection of Our Selves

This past year, in the last of the winter moments of February and March, as the rest of us are thawing and ready for spring, there is a unique art festival happening in the desert of Southern California. 16 artists were invited, and several used reflective surfaces to showcase the natural beauty of the location, as well as to engage with the viewer.

Phillip K. Smith III, "The Circle of Land and Sky" (detail), 2017, mixed media. (Lance Gerber / Desert X)

Phillip K. Smith III, “The Circle of Land and Sky” (detail), 2017, mixed media. (Lance Gerber / Desert X)

According to the Desert X official website, “The Coachella Valley and its desert landscape became the canvas for a curated exhibition of site-specific work by established and emerging artists, whose projects amplified and articulated global and local issues that ranges from climate change to starry skies, from tribal culture and immigration to tourism, gaming, and golf. The artworks, in various indoor and outdoor locations, were free and offered visitors a way to see the valley and reflect on serious and playful issues through the lens of the participating artists’ creativity and work.”

This unique art event was created by the group Desert Biennial, a non-profit organization that was founded to bring artists to the Coachella Valley to create art, engage viewers and focus attention on the valley’s environment. Whether another will occur soon or not is uncertain, but the event was a success according to most art experts. Whether it occurs again in 2018, 2027, or never again,…it was a shining example of what large scale public sculpture can do.

Hollow Earth by Glenn Kaino

Hollow Earth by Glenn Kaino – tube of infinity housed in what looks like an abandoned utility shed

A few exhibits remain, or have moved to permanent spaces. You can read more here:


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