Mirror Masters: 4 Artists Using Mirrors

We admit, here at Gardner Glass Products, we’re more than a little nerdy about artists who use mirrors in their work. We realize the potential of our product to create interesting commentary on the condition of self or vanity, to create lighting and infinity effects, and to juxtapose with other materials that play with a mirror’s rigidity or glass properties. By reflecting back onto the viewer, the meanings of pieces can be bold yet very personal. Here are four of our favorite artists from the last 7 years of our blog….we tend to run into their work with mirrors time and time again. They’re definitely worth sharing. 




Daniel Rozin “Self-Centered Mirror” 2003

Daniel Rozin is an artist, educator, and developer working in the area of interactive digital art. As an interactive artist Rozin creates installations and sculptures that have the unique ability to change and respond to the presence and point of view of the viewer. He has created these interactive mirrors out of wide variety of materials ranging from plastic pieces, wood, and even trash. But one of our favorites used this kinetic quality out of actual mirrors, which adds a level of humor and irony to the piece. 

Daniel Rozin Mirrors Mirror

Daniel Rozin “Mirrors Mirror” 2008

Born in Jerusalem and trained as an industrial designer Rozin lives and works in New York. He is Associate Art Professor at ITP, Tisch School Of The Arts, NYU where he teaches such classes as: “The World- Pixel by Pixel” and “Kinetic Sculpture Workshop”. Be sure to watch the amazing video of this kinetic piece in action by clicking HERE

Daniel Rozin: "Mirrors Mirror" detail

Daniel Rozin: “Mirrors Mirror” detail



KipsBay Home 2011_Study by Aurelien Gallet w NavarroMirror

KipsBay Home 2011_Study by Aurelien Gallet w NavarroMirror

Iván Navarro is a Chilean-born artist who lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.  He is known internationally for his sculptures with social commentary utilizing light, mirrors, and electricity. His work deals with control and an element of fear, which he attributes to being a child under Pinochet’s rule in Chile, and it often tries to give voice to groups that are often voiceless. 

Navarro Open Ended 2014

Iván Navarro “Open Ended” 2014

In 2011, one of Navarro’s  ‘Twin Towers’ pieces was featured in The 39th Kips Bay Decorator Show house in a  small study by interior designer Aurélien Gallet, placed next to a vintage Redskins’ football helmet from 1954.

ThisLandIs Your Land _ Navarro

ThisLandIs Your Land _ Navarro

On a recent visit to Dallas, I literally stumbled upon Navarro’s “This Land is Your Land” featured in NorthPark Mall. (you should have seen me, kinda being an extreme art geek as shoppers casually walked by) From the outside, they look like 3 unassuming water towers, but glowing from within, the words ‘ME/WE’ and ‘BED,’ and an image of a ladder, are reflected to infinity inside, with a statement of immigration at its core. Seeing the structures so stoic amongst the luxury stores gave them a new, layered meaning. 





Saint Clair Cemin: Fotini 2013

Saint Clair Cemin: Fotini 2013 – glass and bronze

Born in Brazil, Cemin grew up inspired by both engineering, like the occupation of his father, and the Surrealists. He worked in Paris for a time as a printmaker, until he was inspired by a Joseph Beuys retrospective. “That was really a turning point,” he is quoted saying about the experience. From that point on, Cemin started exploring sculpture in a more conceptual way.

A part of the exploding art scene of the 1980’s like Jeffery Koons and Peter Halley, Cemin has found himself working in Paris or Beijing or Egypt,…but has recently settled to work in New York. While he doesn’t work with traditional glass mirrors a great deal, he does gravitate towards the juxtaposition possibilities of glass and the high-polished reflection of stainless steel.

Saint Clair Cemin Cherub 2014 bronze and mirrors

Saint Clair Cemin: Cherub 2014 – bronze and mirror

From the naturalistic to the abstract surreal, Saint Clair Cemin’s 2014 show at the Paul Kasmin Gallery, entitled “Myth and Math,” seemed to bring him full circle with the engineering detail of his father and the fanciful qualities of the surreal. 



Ron Gilad 12 from "IX Mirrors" exhibition - 2012

Ron Gilad 12 from “IX Mirrors” exhibition – 2012

This Tel Aviv born artist and industrial designer first came to our attention with “IX Mirrors” in 2011. Playing with the historical references of mirrors and the everyday vernacular we each have built around the idea of a mirror, Gilad then played with those assumptions in a surreal way.

Dear Ingo chandelier by Ron Gilad

Dear Ingo chandelier by Ron Gilad

His investigation into the everyday objects in 2005 let to the design of a popular light fixture known as Dear Ingo Chandelier,…which saw 16 classic task desk lamps – with which we’re all familiar – and turned them into a surprisingly functional and customizable sculpture/chandelier.

Ron Gilad "Drawing 4"

Ron Gilad “Drawing 4” – glass, basswood, mirror

However, it is Gilad’s work with mirrors that continually delights and keeps us intrigued. He simply sees the world and the functional objects within it differently, and often uses mirrors to show that world to us. Today, he designs furniture and lighting for companies like Casina and Flos and his pieces are in the permanent collection of MoMA among other museums. He lives and works in New York City and teaches as a professor at Pratt Institute.


We at Gardner Glass Products encourage more artists at every level to explore what mirrors can do. And when they do, we’ll be right there, cheering them on. With our water jet cutting capabilities, ability to work with color and selective painting or selective silvering, coupled with our tempering ability,….there may be things we can achieve in mirror that very few fabricators in the country can. Reach out to us with your ideas and innovation.



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