Getaway Color Ways: Barn Quilts of North Carolina

Happy Friday everyone! Today’s post is all about North Carolina’s unique Barn Quilts and our Quilting Trails…..something many people have never even heard of!

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Barn quilts are not actual quilts, they are quilt patterns that are painted onto wooden boards and then displayed on barns around the state. No two blocks are alike, and each pattern represents something different for the folks who create it. Some patterns replicate a treasured family quilt that has been passed down from generation to generation, some represent local icons or things that are meaningful to the community, like crops that are locally grown. Other patterns are simply picked for their beauty and unique geometric shapes. The Quilt Trails were actually first started by a lady in Ohio, who created a barn quilt in honor of her mother. Since then the tradition has spread to over 30 states here in the US and even Canada.

I took a sewing class in high school and actually made a couple of quilts, but I really didn’t know a whole lot about them until I started reading up on quilting a few days ago. Now I have a new appreciation for people that quilt! There’s really an amazing art to it; endless patterns, designs, meanings….and it takes a lot of dedication and & hard work to finish one and make it beautiful.

Color, color, color! Photo Credit: Kira's Crafty Life Blog

Color, color, color! Photo Credit: Kira’s Crafty Life Blog

It’s that same one-of-a-kind beauty you can find in the barn quilts, and that’s why so many people travel to see them. Western North Carolina has over 200 barn quilts, the highest concentration of any other area in the United States. From Yancy County to Alexander County (where I live), you’ll find quilts of different sizes, colors and patterns. Just take a look at some of the distinctive patterns the state has by clicking here. There are a lot of really interesting shapes and designs on there, and like I said earlier, no two in the state are the same. There are 9 different trails that visitors can take to see the quilts; each one has it’s own map with popular local stops and places of interest. It makes for a fun day trip where you can learn a lot about the people and communities that make up our great state!

Have a great weekend everyone and no matter what you do this weekend, make sure you have fun doing it!


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