How To Calculate Square Footage & Weight


Apps certainly make our lives easier. They’re on our phones, tablets, and even our TVs. If there is even the most minor irritation in your life, there is probably “an app for that.” And that’s exactly why we created something to make your life a little easier when specifying glass,…we present the Dreamwalls Glass Calculator.

The Dreamwalls Glass Calculator: Sq Footage & Weight calculations made simple

The Dreamwalls Glass Calculator: Sq Footage & Weight

The Dreamwalls Glass Calculator is 100% free. Type in your glass dimensions, in either feet or inches, and it will calculate your square footage of glass. Since glass pricing is generally by sq ft, this is particularly helpful. The Dreamwalls Glass Calculator allows you to easily figure the sq footage for general pricing calculations. If you only have the inches,…it’ll handle it. If you have feet and inches,…it’ll handle it. If you have some combination of the two,…it’ll handle it. Good stuff.

Dreamwalls Glass Calculator also has a feature to enter the sq footage into the weight calculator and select the thickness of glass, and you’ll be able to see the basic weight of the glass. This is helpful when you are calculating hanging mechanisms or load. You’re able to easily calculate the weight if you need it in a wide variety of thicknesses. Most mirror and backpainted is 1/4″ thick,…or 6mm,…but we create both in a wide variety of thicknesses. The calculator is useful for estimating the weight of all types of glass; mirror, clear, acid etched, patterned, back-painted, etc.

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While the Dreamwalls Glass Calculator is technically called a “web app” – meaning it’s not for sale or download on Google Play or App Store, you can easily put this page on your phone for easy reference and to jump right to it next time you need to calculate glass weight or square footage. The square footage calculator can also be used to figure out the square footage for flooring, or paint area, or any number of other dimensions that interior designers must calculate. For instructions on how to make any web page onto your smartphone home screen visit iAnswerGuy HERE.


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