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Gray Grey Float Glass for interior applications

Sometimes called “smoke” glass or even “black” glass, it is a glass with a uniform color of gray throughout. Several float glass manufacturers make a gray tinted glass in various thicknesses, and the tint can vary. There are even various depths to the gray – some are darker than others. The color also becomes darker the thicker the glass used, and multiple layers (as shown above) creates more depth. Gray (Grey) tinted glass can be fabricated, tempered, drilled and shaped like regular clear glass, but the color allows it to add an air of mystery and privacy to the space. The below shower unit by Avery Glass in Florida. The frameless glass is gray tempered glass, and with the gray interior tile, it becomes a sophisticated element in the room. So sleek!

Avery Glass: Gray Tempered Shower Enclosure

Avery Glass: Gray Tempered Shower Enclosure

Gray glass is also very useful in foyers in a variety of ways, including stair railings.  It can be tempered for safety and can also be laminated to adhere to the International Building Codes.

Boss Fixed Gray Glass 100percent Stainless UK   Cheval Blanc Courchevel Tinted Gray Glass Railing

And of course, I’d be crazy to not show some silvered options. Gray glass can look almost black with silvered and turned into a mirror. Perfect for foyer applications and elevator lobbies.


Dreamwalls Elevator Lobby Gray Tinted Mirror Beveled

HGTV Urban Oasis 2012: Tinted Gray Mirror Elevator Foyer

HGTV Urban Oasis 2012: Tinted Gray Mirror Elevator Foyer

So as you can see, grey tinted glass can be used in a very economical way to enhance, direct, obscure, and beautify interior designs with the subtle sophistication of Gray. Contact us today to learn more about tinted glass and its abilities.


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