Getaway Color Ways: International Book Giving Day

We all know next Wednesday is a special day for lovers…..and no, I’m not talking about Valentines Day lovers! I’m talking about BOOK lovers! February 14th is International Book Giving Day, as well as Library Lovers Day.

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The goal of International Book Giving Day is simple: get books into the hands of as many children as possible. The benefits of reading are endless, and teaching children to have a love for books at a young age is so important. Many studies show that reading daily to  children can help with language acquisition and literacy skills. There are also numerous social, psychological, neurological & educational benefits that come from reading and being read to; and it doesn’t stop as you get older, either! When adults read it causes mental stimulation, stress reduction, increases knowledge & vocabulary, and so much more.

Next week’s holiday reminded me of all the wonderful authors who are natives of North Carolina, and of many of the fantastic novels that have been set in our state. You can’t talk about NC novels and authors without mentioning Nicholas Sparks. Arguably one of North Carolina’s most famous authors, all of his books are set along the state’s coast in towns like New Bern or Wilmington. His books have really done a lot to shine a spotlight on our state’s hidden coastal gems. The state’s official travel website even has a 3-day itinerary called “A Nicholas Sparks Tour of the North Carolina Coast“, which breaks down all of the cities you can visit from his novels.

Award-winning author Charles Frazier, born in Asheville, is another NC native. His books include Cold Mountain (adapted into a fantastic movie), Thirteen Moons and Nightwoods, all set in western North Carolina.

Chances are, you’ve heard of the upcoming movie titled Serena, starring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper. It’s actually based on a book by the same title, and that the book was written by Ron Rash, another NC author. Rash was born in South Carolina, but raised in Boiling Springs, NC. His works include poetry, short stories, children’s books and novels. Like Frazier’s Cold Mountain, Rash’s book Serena is set in the Appalachians of North Carolina.There are SO MANY other North Carolina authors that I could name! Read North Carolina Novels is a fantastic website that lists them all, plus it has a list of books set in our state.

No matter what you choose to read, know that just by reading, you’re improving your life! Remember International Book Giving Day  and pass along your favorite book to a friend, leave a book in a waiting room somewhere or donate to your local library. That way, you’ll be helping to improve someone else’s life too, and on this Valentines weekend, there’s nothing sweeter than that. 🙂

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