Cleaning Backpainted Glass

Cleaning: Baked on Spaghetti Sauce, permanent markers, dry erase markers, on backpainted glass.

  Backpainted glass - when produced well - is no match for stubborn stains. Whether it's used as a markerboard, and a Sharpie® gets accidentally used; or spaghetti sauce gets spattered and forgotten; glass is an amazing surface to clean. In today's short video, I'm going to show you the … [Read more...]

Best Beautiful Backsplashes

  (Like how I went with the green backsplash for St. Patrick's Day?) A lot of our back-painted glass product goes into kitchen environments. They're not all residential kitchens either,...some are in corporate break rooms and institutional environments.  As I'm away working a glazing … [Read more...]

A Serving Bar Savior

The kitchen work  triangle. There's been debate in recent years that it might be a thing of the past. That with such huge kitchens and massive islands, the math pounded into kitchen designers years ago is no longer the same. With multiple sinks in different areas, with faucets at the ready at the … [Read more...]

Etched Mirror Backsplashes

Modern kitchen

Etched glass mirror is a practical alternative to the look of stainless steel in the kitchen when used as a backsplash. Created by taking  high-quality acid-etched glass that has a durable, glare-absorbing permanent etched finish; and taking it through a mirror-making process so that it has the glow … [Read more...]

The Comfort of Glass

I don't travel a huge amount with work, but I'm preparing for a trip in the coming weeks and thinking about hotels. The explosion of hospitality design and hotel designs is on the rise, in no small part because for the past several years, many of the larger chains' franchisees have put off … [Read more...]

Tempered Talent

What IS Tempered Glass? Tempered glass is regular annealed glass that has been processed by a controlled thermal process to increase its strength in comparison to annealed (untempered) glass. The glass is heated in a special oven almost to a liquid state, and then cooled very quickly to create a … [Read more...]

Dreamwalls Matte Color Glass


DREAMWALLS COLOR GLASS INTRODUCES: MATTE COLOR GLASS North Wilkesboro, NC –Gardner Glass Products, Inc has introduced "Dreamwalls Matte Color Glass", a new addition to the Dreamwalls Color Glass product line. "This all started at NeoCon with a focus group of design professionals to get … [Read more...]

4 Areas Where Matte Matters

NavyAcidEtched Backsplash

Dreamwalls Etched Glass can be back-painted to create Dreamwalls Matte Color Glass for some truly beautiful interiors. For today's post, I'm focusing on 4 different places that can benefit from the use of Dreamwalls Matte Color Glass on vertical (wall) surfaces. 1) Residential kitchens: The soft … [Read more...]

Make it Matte


When people mention "etched glass" they can mean a WIDE variety of things. There are acid etched products (which we offer), sandblasted, laser etched, and even printing or decorative films that look like etching. Basically, the term "etched glass"  or "frosted glass" is a generic term used as a … [Read more...]

The Softness of Glass

VivaTerra_Recycled Jewel-Tone Vases

You don't usually think about glass as "soft". But when it's matte, acid-etched glass definitely is soft. Soft and easy on the eyes, soft and easy on the emotions;...and easy to maintain. Finger-print proof. Begging to be touched. Calming by its very appearance. Just the fact that … [Read more...]