Glass Art In Healthcare

Glass is a versatile surfacing material that is perfect for healthcare environments. With the ability to play with light, to be cleaned, to resist moisture and be colored, shaped and cut into so many options, it is a great way to add a large-scale art piece to hospital lobbies, clinic walls, chapels … [Read more...]

Dreamwalls: Spec It and Forget It

What Makes Dreamwalls Color Glass The Best Back-Painted Glass In The Business? High-Quality Low-Iron Glass We have made mirrors for over 50 years. We know what makes a good piece of glass perfect for coatings We use the highest quality of low-iron glass for color clarity and purity. … [Read more...]

Getaway Color Ways: Santa Claus is Coming to Town

December is here, and Christmas is quickly approaching! No matter where you go this holiday season, you're sure to see at least one, or maybe even several, jolly Santa Clauses running around. I think it's safe to say, though, that one home here in North Carolina can definitely boast having the … [Read more...]

Getaway Color Ways: Whirligig Festival in Wilson

Artist Vollis Simpson with his huge Horse Wagon Whirligig. This sculpture "tells the story of rural Eastern North Carolina"   The annual Whirligig Festival, held in Wilson, NC, will be taking place this upcoming weekend on November 4th and 5th. It started out as the Golden Leaf Festival … [Read more...]

Highlight Art with Mirrors

Why should you choose between hanging artwork or hanging a mirror on your wall? At Gardner Glass Products we say you can have the best of both worlds. Mirrors can highlight the artwork and give it a gravitas that can create a stunning statement. The beautiful interiors below all feature mirrored … [Read more...]

Dreamwalls Allows Art To Shine

Art is important to interior design, and the trend towards BIG statement art has overtaken the gallery wall for style and sophistication. A duplex apartment in New York City's Central Park West showcases this trend perfectly. The owners purchased two spaces stacked one above the other and renovated … [Read more...]

In Focus: Artist Thomas Meyers

New Hampshire-based artist, Thomas Meyers makes beautiful artwork out of glass and mirror. While he works in several different types of media, including bamboo, paper and wood; we find his stained glass pieces are the closest to our heart. He has exhibited in some of the largest craft shows in the … [Read more...]

Mirror Masters: 4 Artists Using Mirrors

We admit, here at Gardner Glass Products, we're more than a little nerdy about artists who use mirrors in their work. We realize the potential of our product to create interesting commentary on the condition of self or vanity, to create lighting and infinity effects, and to juxtapose with other … [Read more...]

Desert X Offers Reflection of Our Selves

This past year, in the last of the winter moments of February and March, as the rest of us are thawing and ready for spring, there is a unique art festival happening in the desert of Southern California. 16 artists were invited, and several used reflective surfaces to showcase the natural beauty of … [Read more...]