The NeoCon RoundUp

Here's the final installment of cool stuff from the floor of NeoCon 2017 (in no particular order) that we got to enjoy and get inspired by. By which we mean the stuff we've not already covered HERE, HERE, or HERE. It's not fair that not everyone gets to come and walk the halls like we do, so we're … [Read more...]

Designing For The Wherever-Worker

Lines are blurring. What is work and what is home are no longer clear delineations.  Hospitals look like multi-family,...multi-family looks like hotels, commercial offices look like lounges, and lounges are covered with connectivity. Work is work; wherever and whenever it occurs. Over at … [Read more...]

4 Keys To Making The Modern Lounge

One of the over-arching trends we saw repeatedly at NeoCon 2017 was the idea of 'the modern lounge' in workspaces. There are places for work, and places for privacy,...but the modern lounge is a multi-tasking, comfortable space that can have many possibilities. Here are 4 keys to creating a … [Read more...]

Thank You NeoCon

  Thank you to everyone that made this NeoCon so special. See you all next year!! In the meantime, if you need us, be sure to find us at … [Read more...]

NeoCon Show 2017 – Set Up

Gardner Glass Products is officially set up at NeoCon show in Chicago and we are ready to meet with you! We are in the Merchandise Mart, floor 7, Booth 5011. Come over and meet with John, Jim, Chris and Mandy to see our Dreamwalls family of glass products for inspiration and creativity. Click here … [Read more...]

How To Design

To read more nuggets of wisdom from designer Frank Chimero, visit 99u here. … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Brilliant Backsplashes

Have you got a minute? That's all it'll take to view this short video about Dreamwalls backsplashes. Dreamwalls Color Glass is Gardner Glass Products' backpainted glass which provides custom-color, opacity, and an easy-to-clean surface that is beautiful for backsplash applications in corporate … [Read more...]

Backsplash Custom Possibilities

In the 10 years we've been making Dreamwalls Color Glass backpainted glass, we've created a LOT of backsplashes. As a backsplash surface, backpainted glass just makes a lot of sense. It's easy to clean, it doesn't have a lot of seams or any grout to keep clean, and it is sealed water-tight with … [Read more...]

Getaway Color Ways: 100 Years of Cheer!

Way back in 1917, a gentleman named L.D. Peeler decided to try his hand at creating a soft drink of his own. He purchased some cherry flavoring from a St. Louis traveling salesman, experimented with a variety of other flavors in the basement of a grocery store, and eventually, our NC native soft … [Read more...]

A Look Back at AIA 2017

Glass at AIA was big. Really representing. Between decorative glass folks like us, window and door companies, and associated hardware that works with glass, there had to be 50 or more companies that work with glass. The growth of glass in the marketplace was not hard to see. Highlights from … [Read more...]