Don’t Let Comparison Steal Your Joy

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Getaway Color Ways: Halloweenfest in Transylvania

  Halloween 2015 is here! There's sure to be a ton of fun activities going on all around this weekend. Just in our area there are several fall festivals, trick-or-treating events, corn mazes, pumpkin patches, haunted houses....the list goes on and on! What better place to celebrate … [Read more...]

Trendspotting: The Jewelry Box Must Haves

The 2015 Fall High Point Market wrapped up last week, and there were a few big pieces that were the "must have" of every showroom.  Yes, there were still some bars. Yes, there were still statement credenzas. However, these three trend-driven pieces were influenced by the "jewel-box" style of small … [Read more...]

Trendspotting: High Point Fall 2015

The 2015 Fall High Point Market wrapped up last week, and there were a few big trends that were everywhere you looked. Both seemed to show power and strength, as the optimism of the showrooms and the excitement of the market this season was in full swing. Super Shapes of the … [Read more...]

If You Have Good Thoughts…

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The Colors of Fall HPMkt 2015

The 2015 Fall High Point Market just closed up for the winter, and there were a few new trends in color worth noting. The color palette seemed more optimistic and bright than in past years, and I felt that feeling through the sales associates I spoke with as well. They were looking forward to a … [Read more...]

Getaway Color Ways: Halloween Haunts in NC

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, second only to Christmas. I love it all; the chilly weather, creepy decorations, creative costumes, kids trick-or-treating, late night scary movies and of course, ghost stories. I don’t think I’ll ever get too old for ghost stories around the campfire. It’s … [Read more...]

Dreamwalls Glass In A Variety Of Residential

Since we've been showing the handiwork of Anchor Ventana on Monday and Wednesday of this week, why not continue with a few more projects? And why not point out how they do so much with glass other than "just" mirrors and backsplashes utilizing Dreamwalls glass products.... This awesome closet … [Read more...]

It Makes All the Difference

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