Getaway Color Ways: Long As I Can See the Light

Bodie Island Lighthouse in NC

It's almost back-to-school time and lots of people are hoping to get in one last family vacation before those school bells ring & the cooler temps get here, which means a lot of people are taking off and heading for the beach! While there's just about nothing more relaxing than laying around in … [Read more...]

Dog-ears and A Sense of Play

Child in Ikea art/playroom from 2015 Ikea Catalog

Me: "Do you want to join me on the couch and look at this catalog with me?" My six-year-old: "No, it's boring." Me: "I'll let you 'doggie-ear' some pages..." Her: *shrugs* Within 5 minutes, she was cuddled up under my arm pointing to pink tables, "oohing" over whimsical lamps, and flipping out … [Read more...]

Burst Your Smile Today!


  … [Read more...]

Getaway Color Ways: Bull City Sculpture Show

Winding Out by Robert Winkler was chosen as this year's People's Choice Award

It's hard to believe that August is already here. The year seems to be flying by so fast! August is the perfect month to soak up what's left of summer with lots of outdoor fun. In today's post, we're heading to Durham, NC to celebrate American Artists Appreciation month at the Bull City Sculpture … [Read more...]

Blues in the Bath and Beyond

PPG Oceans Of Color Collection: Pacifica, Atlantica, Azuria, and SolarBlue

  This week, we've been sharing some possibilities using tinted glass.  The color is created by manipulating the minerals in the "recipe" of the float glass at the molten stage. This allows for a consistant, uniform color throughout the body of the glass. Bronze, Grays, and now a range … [Read more...]

Going Gray

Gray Grey Float Glass for interior applications

On Monday, we explained a little about tinted float glass and the opportunities for using Bronze Tinted Glass in bathroom environments. But Bronze isn't the only tint color float glass comes in,...there's also Gray glass! Sometimes called "smoke" glass or even "black" glass, it is a glass with a … [Read more...]

The Greatest Mistake

Elbert Hubbard

"The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make a mistake." - Elbert Hubbard … [Read more...]

Getaway Color Ways: Farm-Fresh July Festivals

peach color

Spring and summer are great times for fresh fruit and veggie festivals here in NC. From pickles to potatoes, we celebrate our foods and July just happens to host two of the juiciest festivals held here; the Watermelon Festival & the Peach Festival. Yummy! The Peach Festival, held in … [Read more...]

Color Pours Through The William

The William - Pink Suite featuring smoked antique mirror backsplash

The Dreamwalls Social Media Team (ie: Mandy and Holly) recently got away for a long weekend in NYC, and had a great time. We saw art, monuments, architecture, and inspiration everywhere we turned. We were lucky enough to stay in a hotel that suited our color obsession perfectly: The William. Located … [Read more...]

Glass Glows In Brooklyn

Brooklyn Art Museum - Summer 2014

Holly and I were able to get away for a long "social media team retreat" weekend in NYC and we had a great time taking in the sights. Travel is one of the most theraputic and energizing things I do, and I love visiting museums all over the country. One of the things on my to-do list this trip was … [Read more...]