Optical Illusions With Color


In a continuation of our exploration of the science of color, it's important to remember that placement and visual weight of colors can create optical illusions that play with our brain's perceptions, and can lead us to some interesting tricks. The Bezold Effect: A color may appear different … [Read more...]

What You Become


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Color As We Know it

Basic Physiology of the Human Eye - Rods and Cones

All humanly-perceived color is based on light and the wavelength and luminance of that light. However, color theory is a huge scientific category full of philosophy, physiology, and terminology that all culminates in how humans experience color. Humans have been thinking about color for a long … [Read more...]

Getaway Color Ways: Hickory Crawdads & Fireworks!

fireworks color

  Fireworks are a big part of many people's 4th of July celebrations. My family and I really enjoy heading over to L.P. Frans Stadium in Hickory to check out the fireworks display that takes place each year after the Hickory Crawdads baseball game. The Crawdads are a Minor League baseball … [Read more...]

Glass Wins Big in Best of NeoCon


We believe office furniture is entering a golden age. Beauty, function, and adaptability are abundant in many of the finest office furniture companies today. Best of NeoCon's Top Overall prize was awarded to a casegoods supplier in fact - "Workstyles" by Tuohy Furniture Corporation - and it wasn't … [Read more...]

Stand Firm

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Getaway Color Ways: The Dog-Filming Days of Summer in NC

Max movie poster

It's summer blockbuster season, and there are a lot of great movies coming out over the next few months. By now, most everyone has seen the previews for the upcoming canine flick Max, but did you know the movie was filmed right here in North Carolina? Filming locations included Asheville, Charlotte, … [Read more...]

How We Work: NeoCon 2015 Trendspotting

Okamura_SW series

The biggest trends of the 2015 NeoCon show were natural progressions of emerging trends from last year that talked to flexibility, personalization, and the customization of elements. Colorful and functional, they are all an interesting snapshot of how we work now, and how we'll work in the … [Read more...]

Dreamwalls Glass NeoCon Review


We always like to show new and different products at NeoCon. As the huge source for all things in contract commercial interiors and surfaces, we love being in Chicago for this show. But it's also a bit overwhelming. With so many floors of so many vendors, how does a designer ultimately weed through … [Read more...]

Be a Rainbow in Someone’s Cloud

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