Getaway Color Ways: Ignite a Spark!

Sparks will be flying this weekend in Raleigh, North Carolina at the annual SPARKcon festival. SPARKcon is a creativity, art and design festival sponsored by the Visual Art Exchange group. SPARKcon takes place each September and it's open to anyone who wants to get involved. Festival themes range … [Read more...]

Best Back-Painted In The Biz

Let's face it. Fifteen  years ago, it was difficult to find backpainted glass in the United States. When you did find it, odds were you weren't dealing with a glass specialist. You'd get it from a painting operation. A guy who claimed he could paint anything. The result would be plagued with … [Read more...]

Custom Markerboards For Information Clarity

When Carolinas ONE Medical Center came to us for some Dreamwalls Color Glass Markerboards, we were excited and they were excited. Previously, they were using traditional dry erase boards, taping them off with drafting tape, and using stickers printed off on a laser printer. It was a very labor … [Read more...]

Happiness is Inward, Not Outward

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Wise Ideas for Fall: A Charging Station

Dreamwalls Color Glass Magnetic Markerboards were recently featured in the October issue of Martha Stewart Living about smart kitchen-organizing secrets. The backpainted glass surface of Dreamwalls is, without a doubt, the best surface for a markerboard. Images easily erase, it’s non-ghosting, and … [Read more...]

A Sultry Beauty

Our antique mirror is huge right now. Literally and figuratively. We can do incredibly large sizes – up to 84 x 130 inches – which means you can use antique mirror effects for wall designs with fewer seams and less waste. What's more, Gardner Glass Products, Inc. is able to make it in a production … [Read more...]

Emotion, Meaning and Ethics

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Getaway Color Ways: Heading to the Beach!

This weekend, my family and I are heading to the coast for our annual beach vacation! We always enjoy waiting until a little later in the year to head down that way. It's not quite as crowded and the temps are starting to cool off just a little bit. I'm excited for our trip and for all of the fun … [Read more...]

Built-In Mirrors Add Richness

The modern boiserie mirror has been our focus for the week. The term "boiserie" refers to paneling in general, but more specifically to the rich, ornate mouldings and panelling that was often used to create a paneled effect in interiors. Often these same rich moldings were used to frame in artwork … [Read more...]

The Height of Your Accomplishments

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