Red Hot Focal Wall in Glass

Leith Kia - Exterior view with the Dreamwalls Glass Wall visible from the street

Focal walls are those full wall installations that direct the eye and add a little "pop" to interior designs. They are important to branding a variety of environments, from corporate, hotel, and commercial retail interiors. One of our favorite focal walls was executed by  First Choice Glass in … [Read more...]

What’s Next in Glass?

Blank glass plate

Last week I was in Las Vegas for the Glass Association of North America (GANA) Fall Conference. GANA is the glass industry association that creates informational bulletins and white papers for architects, professional glaziers, and end users of glass products of all kinds: tempered glass, insulated … [Read more...]

Storefront Glass Comes Home

Eisner Design, LLC. New York area residence with playroom & workout room

Tempered Glass Storefronts have been used for retail purposes for a long time. As the hardware and engineering improves, more and more glass is used in retail to allow the customer to see inside, find it inviting while walking by and receive more information about what the store is all about quickly … [Read more...]

The Modern Office In Glass 7 Ways

Dreamwalls Sales Offices

Today's modern offices need to adapt to the modern work style. With workers more involved in collaboration, flextime, and remotely,...offices require designs that are unique to each corporate culture, while still allowing for what the future may bring. In our opinion, the main two design elements … [Read more...]

5 “Sensable” Office Design Tactics

ING_38192_09203 Five Senses CROPPED

In his 2013 TedTalk, industrial designer Jinsop Lee proposed that the most successful designs are ones that engage all 5 of our senses. He meant in product design for his theory, but it could be applied quite easily to Interior Design. We may think about this in our home, with a plush throw pillow … [Read more...]

Top This…And That!

Dreamwalls True Black Backpainted Glass Table Topper

What is a table topper, you ask? It is a piece of glass - usually 1/4" (6mm) or 5/32" (4mm) thick that is placed on the existing top of a table, or some other piece of furniture like a dresser or credenza. Since it is completed supported by the solid piece of furniture, it may or may not need to be … [Read more...]

There’s Always Room At the Table for Glass


One of the real advantages of a glass table top is that you can have it made to whatever size and shape you need. A wide array of shapes, edgeworks, colors, and sizes are all at your fingertips. But what size table do you really need? Here are a few general rules for your space planning before you … [Read more...]

Backlit Beauty in High Point


Cyan Design is a Texas-based home decor company with a philosophy of eclectic elegance coupled with compelling value in their 1550 sq ft permanent showroom located in the IHFC building of High Point Market. They always have a provocative entry window display at their showroom, and unique finds … [Read more...]

Sign Sign Everywhere A Sign

Dreamwalls Color Glass_Ruby Red Fitness Sign

We are entering an order for a huge glass sign right now for a medical office clinic. Custom color, selectively painted with their logo, and mounted to a wood backer with a finished edge and hanging cleat. Did I mention it was big? Yes. Ninety-nine inches long. BIG. But all this immersion in all … [Read more...]

Glass: A Sign of the Times

Etched glass with metal letter overlay

Signage is literally all around us. It is used to help us find our way, to identify and inform. Increasingly, signage is an integral part of interior designs, it is required to be clear, convey information, and still be beautiful. It is important to determine the use of the sign before … [Read more...]