Antique Mirror: Southern Living Style

This amazing bathroom was created as a Southern Living Showcase Home in Austin, TX. This is the first time two builders, Henley Custom Homes and Silverton Custom Homes , partnered to design and create a beautiful home that is full of  a gracious, sophisticated farmhouse style.  According to Kristen … [Read more...]

The Appeal of Antique Mirror

Antique mirrors are mirrors that look aged or distressed by years of use and exposure. While you still occasionally find a mirror that comes by this effect naturally, more commonly it's been achieved intentionally to achieve a soft, cloudy pattern. Dreamwalls Antique Mirror achieves this effect as a … [Read more...]

DW Markerboards

If you're an architect, designer or resource librarian that specifies markerboards for Section 10 in interiors, consider requesting our sample box for Dreamwalls Glass Markerboards. It offers 4 samples, in a variety of finishes, colors, and magnetic options, it also features a magnet we've designed … [Read more...]

Get Organized Using Glass

Using glass for organization is simple. It's a writeable surface that looks beautiful even when nothing is on it. Dreamwalls Color Glass is our backpainted glass product that can be used for horizontal or vertical surfaces, and can be very useful in kitchens and communal areas for communication and … [Read more...]

Breakrooms: Rooms for Improvement

Today is the first day of Spring, and we're feeling inspired about new beginnings. Getting workspaces organized and spruced up are mental pick-me-ups that can lead to enhanced productivity and job satisfaction. No where is that more evident than in the office breakroom. Small, positive social … [Read more...]

Wake Tech Wall Panels

Wake Technical Community College, located in Raleigh, NC,  is North Carolina’s largest community college, serving over 69,000 students each year, according to its website. The design chosen for their administrative building featured Dreamwalls Color Glass in a variety of colors with a distinctive … [Read more...]

Dreamwalls Glass Wall Cladding

Glass Walls are what Dreamwalls Color Glass was made for. To replace other types of wall cladding in a practical and beautiful way is how we came up with the name "Dreamwalls" originally. So below are some examples of some walls - both above the chair rail and below - that showcase our custom color … [Read more...]

Focal Walls & Fireplaces With Mirror

Mirror is often used to attract attention and naturally draw the eye to focal elements in the home. to create visual space and light for an architectural element. In today's article, we're all about mirroring the fireplace surround; going up and around the wall and flue with mirror. Using this … [Read more...]

4 Ways To Color Your World – Customized

Did you know we can create nearly ANY color in Dreamwalls Color Glass? Pantone, Sherwin Williams, RAL, Benjamin Moore, PPG Paints,...we've done them all. About 10 years ago, when we first launched Dreamwalls Color Glass backpainted glass, we followed the model of Europe; offer a palette of colors … [Read more...]

Mind Your Mother (Nature)

We think it was Nike shoe designer Tinker Hatfield who told us, 'Mother Nature is never wrong.' His point was, if you ever get stumped for a new color or a combination that sings, just take a walk in nature. She makes amazing variations and combinations of color. Spring has come a little early … [Read more...]