Low-Iron High-Definition Mirror

"Dreamwalls High-Definition Mirror" is what we call our low-iron mirror products. These mirrors offer brighter reflections, truer colors, and sharper focus than ordinary mirrors. Ordinary mirrors (of which we make many every day) are made with high-quality glass known as "mirror quality". It … [Read more...]

I Want What I Want And Here’s Why

[The below is an excerpt from USGNN's guest blog "Interior Point Of View" which focuses on interior glass application and issues.] I Want What I Want And Here’s Why By Mandy Marxen on Mar 25, 2016 in Interior Point of View When Gardner Glass Products first got into the back-painted … [Read more...]

A Bit of Black and Brilliance

One of the newest trends I'm really loving lately features a bit of black and the brilliance of glass. With a historic / industrial bit of chic, these iron and steel-inspired windows, doors, and shower enclosures make a stunning statement. I've always believed every room needs an accent of black to … [Read more...]

Wake Tech Dreamwalls Wall Panel System

Wake Technical Community College, located in Raleigh, NC,  is North Carolina’s largest community college, serving over 69,000 students each year, according to its website. The administration of Wake Tech is firmly committed to sustainability  in preparing students for employment in “green” … [Read more...]

Do Look Back ~ Options in Glass Panels

There are lots of different treatments you can do to a glass markerboard or glass wall panel. It doesn't have to just be mounted flush onto a wall. As one installation option, an adhered fastener like a z-cleat, can be added to the back of a glass panel (the 2nd surface) into a plywood backer that … [Read more...]

Custom Markerboards For Information Clarity

When Carolinas ONE Medical Center came to us for some Dreamwalls Color Glass Markerboards, we were excited and they were excited. Previously, they were using traditional dry erase boards, taping them off with drafting tape, and using stickers printed off on a laser printer. It was a very labor … [Read more...]

Focal Walls & Fireplaces With Mirror

On Monday, we looked at back-painted glass used to create feature walls in businesses. But mirror can also be used to attract attention and naturally draw the eye to focal elements in the home. to create visual space and light for an architectural element. In today's article, we're all about … [Read more...]

Color Matching Made Easy

With Dreamwalls Color Glass, we can get your whites, super-white. We use low-iron glass with extreme clarity, so we can provide backpainted glass that is True White instead of aqua or green. However, this color clarity is important for more than just white. It is also key for subtle colors, where a … [Read more...]

Your Glass Backsplash Design Checklist

Great! Your client loves the look of a glass backsplash for their kitchen design. It's practical: easy-to-clean, non-staining, and a breeze to maintain. You are thrilled, because with Dreamwalls' custom color matching process, you can get the exact match to that awesome textile you've chosen for the … [Read more...]