Matte Magnetic Markerboard


ProSuede Glass is a unique backpainted glass created by Gardner Glass Products for the Dreamwalls line of Markerboards. It is created from a brand new kind of acid etched glass as the substrate which allows markers to wipe off easily, unlike regular etched glass. Six Unique Features of ProSuede … [Read more...]

Magnetic Medical Magic

Dreamwalls Glass Magnetic Message Board in Medical Office

Nurses are heroes, and the information that they have to work with on a daily basis must be extremely organized. So how could we help some nurses at ONE Carolinas Medical Center improve their processes with our Dreamwalls Color Glass Markerboards? These boards were to be used at nursing stations … [Read more...]

The Powers of Attraction

Gardner Glass Products Magnetic Accessory Kit

When Gardner Glass Products began backpainting glass, we had no idea how huge dry erase markerboards and whiteboards would become. The industry really understands that glass markerboards are the best markerboards, and when we made them magnetic, it greatly expanded their function even further. That … [Read more...]

Going Up with Glass

Glass Elevator Bank

Glass is used a great deal in elevators cabs and elevator lobbies,...and for good reason. It's easy to clean, it doesn't feel constricting, and the effects that can be achieved are beautiful. Below are just a few of the ways to use glass in lobby environments. This elevator in the Museum of Fine … [Read more...]

Dog-ears and A Sense of Play

Child in Ikea art/playroom from 2015 Ikea Catalog

Me: "Do you want to join me on the couch and look at this catalog with me?" My six-year-old: "No, it's boring." Me: "I'll let you 'doggie-ear' some pages..." Her: *shrugs* Within 5 minutes, she was cuddled up under my arm pointing to pink tables, "oohing" over whimsical lamps, and flipping out … [Read more...]

Subtle shine of matte mirror

Dreamwalls Acid Etched Mirror

Etched glass mirror is a practical alternative to the look of stainless steel in the kitchen when used as a backsplash. Created by taking  high-quality acid-etched glass that has a durable, glare-absorbing permanent etched finish; and taking it through a mirror-making process so that it has the glow … [Read more...]

Blues in the Bath and Beyond

PPG Oceans Of Color Collection: Pacifica, Atlantica, Azuria, and SolarBlue

  This week, we've been sharing some possibilities using tinted glass.  The color is created by manipulating the minerals in the "recipe" of the float glass at the molten stage. This allows for a consistant, uniform color throughout the body of the glass. Bronze, Grays, and now a range … [Read more...]

Going Gray

Gray Grey Float Glass for interior applications

On Monday, we explained a little about tinted float glass and the opportunities for using Bronze Tinted Glass in bathroom environments. But Bronze isn't the only tint color float glass comes in,...there's also Gray glass! Sometimes called "smoke" glass or even "black" glass, it is a glass with a … [Read more...]

Bronze in the Bath

Dreamwalls Tinted Glass Tempered Shower Glass

Bronze tinted glass is created during the float glass manufacturing process. It's not a coating, film, or paint; it is created by manipulating the recipe of the actual glass batch itself in the molten stage of production. The float glass manufacturers only make it during specific "runs" so it is a … [Read more...]

Color Pours Through The William

The William - Pink Suite featuring smoked antique mirror backsplash

The Dreamwalls Social Media Team (ie: Mandy and Holly) recently got away for a long weekend in NYC, and had a great time. We saw art, monuments, architecture, and inspiration everywhere we turned. We were lucky enough to stay in a hotel that suited our color obsession perfectly: The William. Located … [Read more...]