Star Gazing Into Mirrors


  Busy Philipps is an actress from "Cougar Town" and "Freaks and Geeks." In the recent special issue of People Magazine: Hollywood at Home,  Philipps' home is featured with her husband, screenwriter Marc Silverstein. What I loved most is their love of mirrors. An actress that loves … [Read more...]

Glass Divides and Unites

Dreamwalls Offices View1 ©GardnerGlassProducts

  The open plan design trend for office interiors shows no signs of  wavering, and glass is a great element to use to create visual privacy without disrupting light penetration. Glass a smart solution due to its hygienic and easy care qualities. Employees can use post-its, tape … [Read more...]

Boost Creativity with a Back Painted Glass

Mars Red Dreamwalls Color Glass Table Overlay - 1/2 in thick with holes drilled

Adding color to your work day is an easy way to inspire creativity and enhance energy levels. A Dreamwalls Color Glass backpainted glass desktop is one way to add color to the office environment. Custom colors matched to corporate identities can boost branding. Glass is easy to keep clean and even … [Read more...]

Bernhardt Conference Tables

Bernhardt aka conference table options using backpainted glass

Last year, we first showed you the Bernhardt Design "aka" line of office contract furniture. It utilizes glass in several unique ways that can be customized for the specific need of the office for which you're designing. It's a lovely line with tons of options in finishes and materials. This … [Read more...]

3 Places Mirror Can Top

Abbi Fenimore - Studio Ten 25 Interior Design Mirror GlassConsole Top

Yesterday, we wrote about glass table toppers and how they can increase the life and beauty of your furniture and interior designs. To go a step further; when mirrors are used as table toppers, they increase the amount of light that is reflected back into the room. So today, table toppers that are … [Read more...]

Top This!

Dreamwalls True Black Backpainted Glass Table Topper

A table topper is a piece of glass - ranging in thickness from  1/4" (6mm)  to 1/2" (12mm) thick - that is placed over the existing top of a table, desk, dresser. or credenza. Since it is completely supported by the solid piece of furniture, it may or may not need to be tempered, and the edgework is … [Read more...]

Glass Chair Mats for Office Interiors

Tempered Glass Chair Mat

  When I first started at Gardner, as a fresh-faced 22-year-old, I couldn't believe how everyone in the office used a piece of 1/4" (6mm) tempered glass to roll their desk chairs around on. Could glass really be so strong to support these large men and their giant office chairs day after … [Read more...]

Matte Magnetic Markerboard


ProSuede Glass is a unique backpainted glass created by Gardner Glass Products for the Dreamwalls line of Markerboards. It is created from a brand new kind of acid etched glass as the substrate which allows markers to wipe off easily, unlike regular etched glass. Six Unique Features of ProSuede … [Read more...]

Magnetic Medical Magic

Dreamwalls Glass Magnetic Message Board in Medical Office

Nurses are heroes, and the information that they have to work with on a daily basis must be extremely organized. So how could we help some nurses at ONE Carolinas Medical Center improve their processes with our Dreamwalls Color Glass Markerboards? These boards were to be used at nursing stations … [Read more...]

The Powers of Attraction

Gardner Glass Products Magnetic Accessory Kit

When Gardner Glass Products began backpainting glass, we had no idea how huge dry erase markerboards and whiteboards would become. The industry really understands that glass markerboards are the best markerboards, and when we made them magnetic, it greatly expanded their function even further. That … [Read more...]