Fight Fatigue With Glass

After: An installation of Dreamwalls ProSuede Glass for function & beauty

A Princeton University study found that clutter suppresses the brain's reaction time, taking greater effort to focus on the task at hand, and leads ultimately to fatigue. This is because your brain has to wade through all the additional shapes and colors to arrive at the information you're trying to … [Read more...]

New Product At NeoCon

Dreamwalls Glass featuring ProSuede

One of our favorite parts of going to NeoCon is to show some new products we've developed and see what the response is. If it's one thing we've learned about architects and designers, is that they'll be very honest with you. Perhaps it's all those crits they endured during studio, but they will … [Read more...]

4 NeoCon Trends of 2014

Patricia Urquiola with "Open Nest" for Haworth at NeoCon 2014

We are packing up the Dreamwalls booth this morning and coming home to NC after a wonderful NeoCon Show. This is our 5th year exhibiting, and I think it might have been the most well-attended show thus far. We spoke with so many designers that understood what glass could do generally, and were … [Read more...]

Medical Materials

Doctors Office with Glass Nurses Station

Medical offices, hospitals, and dental clinics need to have the best hygiene possible. Glass, when used creatively, can help make the care and cleaning of the surfaces much easier. With any custom color possible, it also can help promote the branding message as well as calming aesthetics. As medical … [Read more...]

Glass As Art in Kips Bay

Dustin Yellin Side Detail of Previous Work

Whenever we at Gardner Glass Products see glass used in artwork, we're instantly at attention. In part, because we know what an unforgiving material that it can be. Glass is heavy, breakable, difficult to mold or change, and definitely can be a bit dangerous. Our (collective) hat is off to any … [Read more...]

Mirror Magic in Kips Bay

Cullman and Kravis Room in Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse 2014

We're continuing the look at the use of glass and mirror in the 2014 Kips Bay Decorator Show House in New York. For my earlier post on the topic, featuring Martyn Bullard and Ingrao, click HERE. Today I'm still looking at mirrors; aka: the "interior designer secret weapon." For the challenges facing … [Read more...]

Kips Bay Beautiful Mirror and More


The 2014 Kips Bay Decorator Show House opened up on May 1st for it's 42nd showing, and it was another stunner of a designer showhouse. Despite still having the term "Decorator" in the name - a term which many of my design friends find a bit outdated - the show house itself is always full of leading … [Read more...]

Embraceable You

Detail: unique Baccarat Accent Glass

“We’re introducing materials that are incredibly special - unusual woods, bronze-work crackled with crystal coming through, white onyx and frosted mirrored glass. We’ve used natural elements in a modern way to create a real sense of warmth, to make people feel like they’re being … [Read more...]

Baccarat Bathroom Designs

Acid-etched mirror in the Baccarat Hotel & Residences NYC

The design team for the luxury Baccarat property in NYC that I first shared in Monday's post is a two pronged approach; with Ingrao creating the residences and Gilles and Boissier designing the interiors for the hotel. Ingrao is a full-service interior design firm based in Manhattan helmed by … [Read more...]

Baccarat Features Backpainted Backsplashes


The new Baccarat Hotel & Residences in NYC is scheduled to open later this year. This luxury property features some beautiful interiors and finishes in line with the Baccarat luxury brand. I'm sharing these photos from the interiors to show off the beautiful backpainted glass backsplashes within … [Read more...]