4 Ways To Color Your World – Customized

Did you know we can create nearly ANY color in Dreamwalls Color Glass? Pantone, Sherwin Williams, RAL, Benjamin Moore, PPG Paints,...we've done them all. About 10 years ago, when we first launched Dreamwalls Color Glass backpainted glass, we followed the model of Europe; offer a palette of colors … [Read more...]

Mind Your Mother (Nature)

We think it was Nike shoe designer Tinker Hatfield who told us, 'Mother Nature is never wrong.' His point was, if you ever get stumped for a new color or a combination that sings, just take a walk in nature. She makes amazing variations and combinations of color. Spring has come a little early … [Read more...]

Color Trends for 2017: Pantone’s “Greenery”

Pantone has recently chosen their 2017 Color of the Year, and it is "Greenery!"  (15-0343) This yellow green color is the color of renewal and new growth. Also, this time of year, it's a great color to use when you need to add a bit of Spring and freshen other pieces up a bit with a jolt of energy. … [Read more...]

Countertop Comparisons: Surfacing Materials Side-By-Side

Glass is a relatively new option in counter tops. With a wide variety of decorative finishes and custom colors that can be applied, glass (like Dreamwalls Color Glass back-painted glass) can certainly be an attractive option. But how does glass stack up against other countertop materials? In this … [Read more...]

Glass Countertops For Kitchens

Glass is one of the most beautiful materials to use for countertops. The pure, saturated color of back-painted glass adds a special accent to any room. In addition, it's easy to clean and hygienic, impervious to moisture and stain resistant. Kitchens, in particular can benefit from the use of glass … [Read more...]

Your Glass Backsplash Design Checklist

Great! Your client loves the look of a glass backsplash for their kitchen design. It's practical: easy-to-clean, non-staining, and a breeze to maintain. You are thrilled, because with Dreamwalls' custom color matching process, you can get the exact match to that awesome textile you've chosen for the … [Read more...]

“La buona cucina” Uses Dreamwalls Glass

This small Dreamwalls Color Glass backsplash project was a fun one for us to work on last month, because we also got to learn a little Italian along the way! Salute! We procured the artwork from the client's designer as vector art, so all the unique typefaces were placed exactly where they … [Read more...]

Mirrored Kitchen Backsplashes

There are various ways to use mirror backsplashes in kitchen and bath designs; antique, tiled, or crisp and clear,…mirror is a versatile element that can add light and visually expand spaces. We are love that designers are embracing more mirror in the kitchen to solve the challenges of adding more … [Read more...]

Mirror Backsplashes With Floating Faucets

Another trend we have noticed in bathroom designs involving mirrors - aside from our last post on mirrors below the vanity - is the proliferation of holes drilled through the mirrors for faucets. Thanks to water-jet cutting technology, nearly any size or shape can be cut out of a mirror in any … [Read more...]

9 Mirrors That Go Below

One of our favorite major bathroom trends we've noticed  using mirror is the use of mirror below countertops and vanities. This technique makes a great deal of sense in order to add light and keep the continuation of the space flowing. Below are 9 beautiful bathroom spaces that have used … [Read more...]