Markerboards on Your Mind

Glass markerboards have come a long way. Back five years ago, it was something so novel and new,...but now, go into any high end corporate environment, healthcare or place of higher education and you'll probably find the need for one. One of our favorite installations is from several years ago, … [Read more...]

Glass at NeoCon over the Years

The below is an excerpt from the blog "Interior Point of View" at US Glass Magazine. It is written by our Vice President of Marketing, Mandy Marxen. This month's blog focuses on glass and glazing in the commercial contract furniture market through the lens of NeoCon.   We’ve Come a Long … [Read more...]

4 Ways Glass Markerboards Make The Grade

According to Dodge Analytics: "Institutional building will advance 9%, picking up the pace after the 6% rise in 2015. The educational facilities category is seeing an increasing amount of K-12 school construction, supported by the passage of recent school construction bond measures." There’s a lot … [Read more...]

NeoCon Trends: Be Well

The wellness trend in offices continued at this year's NeoCon in Chicago. Adjustable-height desks were now pretty much the norm. Configurable solutions to offices are expected. One could even argue that the pouf trend I reported on earlier is a fitness trend. (My knees would definitely think they … [Read more...]

NeoCon Trends: A Tale of Two Palettes

Color trends at NeoCon are always interesting to me. While High Point Market nowadays is seems to always be about neutrals for the residential market, commercial contract furniture is where the risk-taking in color can be found. BRIGHT PALETTE: Everyone is trying to get attention drawn to … [Read more...]

NeoCon Trends: Poof A Pouf!

NeoCon was held in Chicago last week and it's the largest commercial contract furnishings show in the US. NeoCon features all the things commercial interiors require, such as fabrics, desks, cord management systems, lighting and even glass markerboards! It's a dazzling show in the Merchandise Mart … [Read more...]

NeoCon Day 2!

We're having loads of fun at NeoCon this year. Being a part of the Interiors & Sources magazine Materials Pavilion has been a real joy. Great people that are inspired by their product are all around you. It's really great. We are super excited to be showcasing our markerboards this year, … [Read more...]

Markerboard Options Inspire Designs

Dreamwalls Color Glass Markerboards are a beautiful way to think about back-painted glass. It's true, any glass surface can be marked on and still easily removed with virtually any marker or crayon. However, there are so many different design opportunities using our backpainted glass, that it's a … [Read more...]

5 “Sensable” Office Design Tactics

In his 2013 TedTalk, industrial designer Jinsop Lee proposed that the most successful designs are ones that engage all 5 of our senses. He meant in product design for his theory, but it could be applied quite easily to Interior Design. We may think about this in our own homes, with a plush throw … [Read more...]

Antique Mirror In Hotels, Bars, Lounges and Restaurants

Antique mirrors are a wonderful tool in hospitality environments. The reflection of mirror creates excitement and intimacy, while opening up up the space visually. Hotels, restaurants, bars, and bistros can all benefit from the instant mood an antique mirror's patina can provide. Antique mirror … [Read more...]