Brass Bottoms and Confidants

There have been a few other trends from last month's High Point Market that we wanted to share with our readers. They are looks that give a nod toward warmth, intimacy, and a 70's throwback vibe that can't be anything but fun. Confidants Gossip-ready, these conversational benches are statement … [Read more...]

High Point Market Colors Fall 2016

The colors of #HPmkt never disappoint. There's always a new color or combination that gets the heart racing with its possibilities. This year at the Fall High Point Market, here are a few of the color trends we spotted. Blue and Gold Blues of indigo and navy have been at several markets, but … [Read more...]

Creamy Color Clarity

With Dreamwalls Color Glass, we can get your whites, super-white. We use low-iron glass with extreme clarity, so we can provide backpainted glass that is True White instead of aqua or green. However, this color clarity is important for more than just white. It is also key for subtle colors, where a … [Read more...]

These Markerboards Are The ONE

When Carolinas ONE Medical Center came to us for some Dreamwalls Glass Markerboards, we were excited and they were excited. Previously, they were using traditional dry erase boards, taping them off with drafting tape, and using stickers printed off on a laser printer. It was a very labor intensive … [Read more...]

White Backpainted Glass Makes Dental Office Shine

Backpainted glass can help improve the patient experience through signage, glass markerboards, and hygiene. But what else can you do with back painted glass in interiors? Glad you asked. This dental office in Madrid, Spain uses the traditional white archetype of the medical office and creates … [Read more...]

5 “Sensable” Office Design Tactics

In his 2013 TedTalk, industrial designer Jinsop Lee proposed that the most successful designs are ones that engage all 5 of our senses. He meant in product design for his theory, but it could be applied quite easily to Interior Design. We may think about this in our own homes, with a plush throw … [Read more...]

Markerboard Options Inspire Designs

Dreamwalls Color Glass Markerboards are a beautiful way to think about back-painted glass. It's true, any glass surface can be marked on and still easily removed with virtually any marker or crayon. However, there are so many different design opportunities using our backpainted glass, that it's a … [Read more...]

Glass In The Corporate World

Reprinted from Interior Point of View  - April 2016    In the workplace, it is no secret that the use of glass is increasing. The application may be back-painted glass for markerboards in conference rooms or glass desktops for all employees; but glass goes beyond those forms into … [Read more...]

Trends Affecting School Interiors: 2016 & Beyond

School Construction Projects in the United States are rebounding after after all but stopping during the recession years. However, K-12 and higher education are differing within that rebound and design choices are being affected by those differences. Below we look at some of the ways that finishes … [Read more...]

GWU uses Dreamwalls Color Glass

George Washington University  is a private research university located in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood of Washington, D.C. This project, created in conjunction with Glass Distributors of Bladensburg, MD and Harmon Glass, was a massive project at the George Washington University campus involved … [Read more...]