Gardner Gratitude


It's that time of year when we look at the things we are grateful for in life. Personally, there is so much to be thankful for, but there are also so many things that we are thankful for in our professional lives, we felt it needed to be expressed and shared. 1) Our Customers Without them, … [Read more...]

7 Shower Upgrades Worth The Money

Love Your Glass Shower

  A frameless glass bath enclosure is the centerpiece of any well-appointed master bathroom suite. But with so many possibilities, it's hard to decide what features to include, and which ones are just a fad. Below are 7 time-tested upgrades that are well worth the additional time and … [Read more...]

5 Top Tools You May Not Have Thought Of

Sensible Shoes

Every home - whether you own or rent - has "issues" you have to resolve. It may be a quirky toilet that you have to jiggle the handle. It might be the world's worst wallpaper - mocking you over your breakfast. Or it could be a sink that seems to clog all too often. The point is, even if you're not a … [Read more...]

5 Tools For Great Glass

dusting a mirror with a clean, dry micro-fiber cloth

Having the right tools for the job makes life easier, makes the act of cleaning less dreadful, and keeps the surfaces in your home looking better, longer. The glass surfaces in your home are durable and hygienic, but they can benefit from having these top 5 tools around: TOP 5 CLEANING TOOLS FOR … [Read more...]

GANA mirror documents

GANA Video - How Mirrors are Made

Having a glass industry source that you can trust for standards and information is a huge help when specifying glass and mirror. The Glass Association of North America (GANA) is that source. With membership comprised of companies affiliated with the glass industry in every facet, they work … [Read more...]

6 Pros for ProSuede Glass

Glass Markerboards, Dry Erase Boards, ProSueded

ProSuede Glass is a unique backpainted glass created by Gardner Glass Products for the Dreamwalls line of Markerboards. It is created from a brand new kind of acid etched glass as the substrate which allows markers to wipe off easily, unlike regular etched glass. Six Unique Features of ProSuede … [Read more...]

Getaway Color Ways: National Travel & Tourism Week

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We all have a bucket list of things we'd like to do in our lifetime & luckily, I've been able to check off a few from my list over the past few years like visiting New York and seeing Coldplay live in concert. If I had to sum up the majority of my bucket list, though, it would all come down to … [Read more...]

4 Ways To Pop With Color

Two's Company - Colorful Coral Tabletop Accents

  Every room needs a bit of "pop;" you know, that bit of energy and humor that makes a space feel fun and friendly. Today, we'll investigate our top choices for colors as easy choices when a room needs little something to tie it together and give it a bit of "pop." We'll start with a … [Read more...]

Kitchen Considerations

  Today, we're looking at some good basics to consider when designing or remodeling a kitchen. These simple ideas will make your kitchen more functional, and will stretch your budget a little bit more. drawers or pull out shelves in nearly all bottom cabinets. They're good for … [Read more...]

5 Kips Bay Kitchen Trends


This week we're looking at kitchen design trends, so I wanted to revisit this Christopher Peacock-designed kitchen as an example of several design trends that have been simmering for the past few months. This kitchen was featured in the 2013 Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse which took place last Spring … [Read more...]