Low-Iron Mirror In Focus

  Our Dreamwalls High-Definition Mirror is made with the highest quality silvering technology on the clearest low-iron glass for a reflection that is noticeably better. But don't take OUR word for it. Here's what normal people say when a Dreamwalls Low-Iron Mirror was viewed … [Read more...]

Beautiful Bronze

Bronze tinted glass is created during the float glass manufacturing process. It's not a coating, film, or paint; it is created by manipulating the recipe of the actual glass batch itself in the molten stage of production. The float glass manufacturers only make it during specific "runs" so it is a … [Read more...]

Go Gray

Sometimes called "smoke" glass or even "black" glass, it is a glass with a uniform color of gray throughout. Several float glass manufacturers make a gray tinted glass in various thicknesses, and the tint can vary. There are even various depths to the gray - some are darker than others. The color … [Read more...]

The Power of Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is created by sandwiching a Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) interlayer between two or more pieces of glass. The benefit of using laminated glass is that it can be safer than other types of glass when broken and can be more difficult to break than annealed or tempered glass. [ For examples of … [Read more...]

Who is Gardner Glass

Gardner Glass Products has been in business for over 55 years. We are proud of our heritage and hard work that got us here and grateful for our people that made this journey possible. But what makes our story unique? It's our willingness to change, adapt and seek out new opportunities. But it didn't … [Read more...]

Top Posts of 2017

Here at Dreamwalls Glass, we've created a lot of blog posts this year; 247 of them to be exact. That's a lot of glass goodness! Okay, sure,...not ALL of them are about glass. On Tuesdays, we share an inspirational quote, and on most Fridays, we share a North Carolina travel destination that has … [Read more...]

The Right Matte Glass Matters

When people mention "etched glass" they can mean a WIDE variety of things. There are acid-etched products (which we offer), sandblasted, laser-etched, and even translucent printing inks, laminated glass and decorative films that look like etching. Basically, the term "etched glass" or "frosted … [Read more...]

How To Calculate Square Footage & Weight

Apps certainly make our lives easier. They're on our phones, tablets, and even our TVs. If there is even the most minor irritation in your life, there is probably "an app for that." And that's exactly why we created something to make your life a little easier when specifying glass,...we present … [Read more...]

Mirror Holiday Wreath Project

We admit it, we get a little crafty around the holidays. And being surrounded by glass and mirror all the time tends to factor into our plans. So this year, we decided to make a mirror wreath to add a little modern sparkle to our Christmas. It's a fairly easy to make project once you gather … [Read more...]

The 12 Ways of Christmas Mirrors

How many trees did you decorate this weekend? How many strings of lights did you untangle? Which holiday song is already stuck in your head (Oh, RuPaul...)? As you finish your holiday decorating in your house or others, remember that mirrors can be a big part of it. The added light and sparkle … [Read more...]