The Appeal of Antique Mirror

Antique mirrors are mirrors that look aged or distressed by years of use and exposure. While you still occasionally find a mirror that comes by this effect naturally, more commonly it's been achieved intentionally to achieve a soft, cloudy pattern. Dreamwalls Antique Mirror achieves this effect as a … [Read more...]

Every Room Needs One

In an Associate Press article, Melissa Rayworth wrote about some ideas for "Letting the Sunshine In" to your home and interior spaces by interviewing HGTV personality Genevieve Gorder, "Design Star" producer Brian Patrick Flynn, and LA designer Betsy Burnham for their best tips. (To view the full … [Read more...]

A Creative Classic

Antique mirror is new again, and Gardner Glass Products makes it better than ever before. The consistent, subtle pattern of Gardner's Dreamwalls® Antique Mirror never feels obtrusive. Gardner's Dreamwalls Antique Mirror is perfect for use as interior walls, tabletops, furniture inserts and other … [Read more...]

Grandmother’s Antique

"Never turn down an antique, even if it clashes. If it was your grandmother's and it's pretty, take it. Someday you'll be glad." - Nancy Blair, Decorator As quoted in Domino "Quick Fixes" Spring/Summer 2012 … [Read more...]

The Comfort of Antique

"Antiques can be like an old overcoat that tells you about its life. When clients move into a new house, they must feel as comfortable in their rooms as when they put on an old overcoat." ~ Robert Kime … [Read more...]

Lovely Antique Applications

My buddy Patricia, over at the Looking at Glass blog, scours the internet constantly. She sees the "best of the best" in glass applications and art. and then puts it on her site so you don't have to do all the hard searching. When she saw our Antique Mirror posts, she pointed me in the direction of … [Read more...]

Introducing Bronze Antique Mirror

Our antique mirror is huge right now. Literally and figuratively. We can do incredibly large sizes - up to 100 x 144 inches - which means you can use antique mirror effects for wall designs with fewer seams and less waste. And we're able to make it in a production process for predictable effects and … [Read more...]