A Welcoming Wall


Earlier this week, we blogged about "feature walls" and some of the options in using decorative glass. Today, we'll take a closer look at the ways some of the top interior design firms in the world are using backpainted glass, etched mirror, and other interior decorative glass to create feature … [Read more...]

Warm Yourself In Miami

Dreamwalls Color Glass backpainted glass in bright red in the Taste of Miami food court of Miami Marlins Park

As the fall wind cuts through us here in North Carolina and the temperatures drop, it's nice to think of warmer climes. Miami is a great place to think of to warm your body with the spicy foods and hot weather. So I went to our Dreamwalls Color Glass installation at the Miami Marlins Park. It simply … [Read more...]

Getaway Color Ways: Le Go of my LEGO®!

Photo Credit: www.artsalamance.com

There are 3 things for certain about LEGO® building blocks; they're a fond memory from most everyone's childhood, they're an absolute PAIN if you happen to step on one while you're barefoot, and thirdly, no one can take a LEGO and transform it into a work of art quite like Nathan Sawaya. His exhibit … [Read more...]

Independence Day Art Glass

[We are off today, but this is one of my favorite all-time art glass projects, and I always think it's worth sharing again,...especially on Independence Day. Be safe and have fun, and remember,...American ingenuity is what makes our nation great. As this project proves! - Mandy] This amazing … [Read more...]

Art Over Mirror

Sig Bergamin_ShowHouse

FOR MAXIMUM FLEXIBILTY: Another option, is to have a special molding attached on the wall at the ceiling juncture that you can use to have a picture hanging system for displaying your artwork. This gives extra flexibility for all sorts of future arrangements of artwork. Personally, I've used AS … [Read more...]

Taupe Gallery on Glass

Taupe Gallery Logo

Taupe Gallery is a local shop and gallery in downtown North Wilkesboro run by Jim Lyall - a designer with an eye for contemporary craftsmanship and artists . His background as a graphic designer, interior designer, and floral designer give him a special eye for color that often leads him to curate a … [Read more...]

In Focus: Glass Artist Thomas Meyers

Mirror and Glass Arist, Thomas Meyers

New Hampshire-based artist, Thomas Meyers makes beautiful artwork out of glass and mirror. While he works in several different types of media, including bamboo, paper and wood; I find his stained glass pieces are the closest to my heart. To make his mirror pieces, Meyers uses various … [Read more...]

Getaway Color Ways: Whimsical Whirligigs in Wilson

Vollis Simpson with his Horse Wagon Whirligig

Artist Vollis Simpson with his huge Horse Wagon Whirligig. This sculpture "tells the story of rural Eastern North Carolina" Yesterday (Jan. 31st) was "Inspire Your Heart with Art" day. Art comes in many different forms and people express their art in many different ways. For some, it's … [Read more...]


This week, we've been talking about Fire-Rated Safety Glass (see our related Monday and Wednesday posts), a necessary key to a passive fire protection system of building interiors. But art can gain inspiration from such necessary aspects of interior design as well. Firewall is an interactive media … [Read more...]

Color Ways Getaways: The Blue Ridge Realists

Blue Ridge Realists header

From the mountains to the coast, North Carolina is full of diverse and gorgeous landscapes for people to enjoy and draw inspiration from. A small group of  artists known as The Blue Ridge Realists share the beauty of the state's mountain and piedmont regions through their art. This "rural realism" … [Read more...]