Trends of #HPmkt – Taste The Rainbow


You could feel the optimism of High Point Market this year; which was quite an accomplishment. Everyone seemed to think it was back to business and I saw more smiles than I'd seen in a long time. That attitude was reflected in the bright colors that popped throughout showrooms, and what I found … [Read more...]

Trends of #HPmkt – Artistic Flair

ElizaChair_Mr Brown London

One of my favorite trends of High Point Market, is the one that gets away from the look of mass production and uniformity. These products want you to see the hand of the artist: a brushstroke, a imperfect line, a spark of creativity and looseness that makes one feel as if the piece was created just … [Read more...]

Trends of #HPmkt – Better Than Blue Jeans


When looking at the "it" color of High Point Market, I found I couldn't pick just one,...there were actually two - and they combined quite beautifully. Like a classic pair of blue jeans - a dark indigo rinse with rustic copper rivets - it's a combination that can stand the test of … [Read more...]

An Exploration of Glass Chairs

Fiam Ghost Chair

When people think of furniture made of glass they usually think of tabletops. Which we're completely all for, mind you. We have created some dazzling custom table tops and toppers over the years. But as designers and artists envision the uses of glass, we realize that they can be much, much … [Read more...]

Color Pours Through The William

The William - Pink Suite featuring smoked antique mirror backsplash

The Dreamwalls Social Media Team (ie: Mandy and Holly) recently got away for a long weekend in NYC, and had a great time. We saw art, monuments, architecture, and inspiration everywhere we turned. We were lucky enough to stay in a hotel that suited our color obsession perfectly: The William. Located … [Read more...]

Glass Glows In Brooklyn

Brooklyn Art Museum - Summer 2014

Holly and I were able to get away for a long "social media team retreat" weekend in NYC and we had a great time taking in the sights. Travel is one of the most theraputic and energizing things I do, and I love visiting museums all over the country. One of the things on my to-do list this trip was … [Read more...]

MFA – Boston

John Singer Sargent Rotunda at BMFA - 1921

While in Boston for the recent How Design Live conference, I had the distinct pleasure of visiting the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. What I loved instantly about this art museum was the way the collection features colonial and historical instruments, furniture, and home decor as well as some of the … [Read more...]

A Brief History of Glass in America


Yes, we realize we're biased. But we at Gardner Glass Products get excited about glass in America. It hasn't always been around, and it hasn't always been the quality it is now. Everyone takes for granted that glass is incredibly distortion-free and clear, when glass has undergone some amazingly big … [Read more...]

Glass As Art in Kips Bay

Dustin Yellin Side Detail of Previous Work

Whenever we at Gardner Glass Products see glass used in artwork, we're instantly at attention. In part, because we know what an unforgiving material that it can be. Glass is heavy, breakable, difficult to mold or change, and definitely can be a bit dangerous. Our (collective) hat is off to any … [Read more...]

Mirror Magic in Kips Bay

Cullman and Kravis Room in Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse 2014

We're continuing the look at the use of glass and mirror in the 2014 Kips Bay Decorator Show House in New York. For my earlier post on the topic, featuring Martyn Bullard and Ingrao, click HERE. Today I'm still looking at mirrors; aka: the "interior designer secret weapon." For the challenges facing … [Read more...]