Glass Art Grows in NY

Founded in 1951 by Corning Glass Works (now Corning Incorporated) as a gift to the nation for the company’s 100th anniversary, Corning Museum of Glass of is a not-for-profit museum dedicated to telling the story of a single material: glass. Corning Museum of Glass  is about glass art, history, … [Read more...]

An Exploration of Glass Chairs

When people think of furniture made of glass they usually think of tabletops. Which we're completely all for, mind you. We have created some dazzling custom table tops and toppers over the years. But as designers and artists envision the uses of glass, we realize that they can be much, much … [Read more...]

Glass As Art in Kips Bay

Whenever we at Gardner Glass Products see glass used in artwork, we're instantly at attention. In part, because we know what an unforgiving material that it can be. Glass is heavy, breakable, difficult to mold or change, and definitely can be a bit dangerous. Our (collective) hat is off to any … [Read more...]

Mirror Magic in Kips Bay

We're continuing the look at the use of glass and mirror in the 2014 Kips Bay Decorator Show House in New York. For my earlier post on the topic, featuring Martyn Bullard and Ingrao, click HERE. Today I'm still looking at mirrors; aka: the "interior designer secret weapon." For the challenges facing … [Read more...]

Kips Bay Beautiful Mirror and More

The 2014 Kips Bay Decorator Show House opened up on May 1st for it's 42nd showing, and it was another stunner of a designer showhouse. Despite still having the term "Decorator" in the name - a term which many of my design friends find a bit outdated - the show house itself is always full of leading … [Read more...]

Discovering Wilkes Art Gallery

Founded in 1962, Wilkes Art Gallery is a non-profit organization for promotion of the visual arts in our hometown of North Wilkesboro. Located in the historic building that once was the public library, and prior to that it was the town's post office. It features warm wood floors and a brick exterior … [Read more...]

Getaway Color Ways: Le Go of my LEGO®!

There are 3 things for certain about LEGO® building blocks; they're a fond memory from most everyone's childhood, they're an absolute PAIN if you happen to step on one while you're barefoot, and thirdly, no one can take a LEGO and transform it into a work of art quite like Nathan Sawaya. His exhibit … [Read more...]

Getaway Color Ways: Flowers that will Last Forever

Happy Friday! It's February 15th, which means that all across the world cards have been exchanged, chocolates are being nibbled on and around 189 million roses were bought and delivered yesterday! According to, Valentine's Day is the 3rd most important day for flowers, following … [Read more...]

Christmas Ornaments Exploding with COLOR!!

Since Christmas is right around the corner, I thought I'd share these amazing shots by artist Alan Sailer of his series called "The War Against Christmas". It's amazing to think that Sailer takes all of his photographs in his own garage! All of the ornaments are filled with various things like … [Read more...]

The Sky Is The Limit in Glass

After spending last week in Chicago for Glass Association of North America fall conference, I definitely had glass on my mind. So it was wonderful to go to Chicago's O'Hare International Airport and see a huge hallway dedicated to an art installation all about color, light, and glass.  It was … [Read more...]