Breakroom Backsplashes


Break rooms need to be effortless; effortless to maintain, effortless to enhance, effortless to use. Few surfacing materials are as effortless as Dreamwalls Color Glass back-painted glass. It can be the star employee you choose to hang out in your breakroom Effortless Color With the ability to … [Read more...]

Beautify The Breakroom

Dreamwalls Color Glass used in breakroom

Office breakrooms aren't usually seen by vistors and guests. They are primarily for the employees, and are a great opportunity for morale-boosting. A beautiful space to fill your coffee mug, prepare a lunch, or just hang out and relax for a moment are keys to office productivity and worker … [Read more...]

Antique Mirror is Back

Dreamwalls Antique Mirror 2-Shot

Today we're looking at antique mirror backsplashes in the kitchen. The top demand of a smart kitchen is good lighting, and mirrors easily help illuminate the dark, under-cabinet areas that are where the food prep happen. But many people have reservations that regular mirror will be too "bright" or … [Read more...]

Step-By-Step: The Creation of a Colorful Backsplash

The final Dreamwalls Color Glass Tile backsplash installation

At Dreamwalls, we see some unique projects that come through our plant from time to time. Late last year, just before Christmas, a special project came through like Santa delivering happiness. It was a custom backpainted glass tile backsplash, with 5 different colors, matching outlet covers, and a … [Read more...]

Medical Materials

Doctors Office with Glass Nurses Station

Medical offices, hospitals, and dental clinics need to have the best hygiene possible. Glass, when used creatively, can help make the care and cleaning of the surfaces much easier. With any custom color possible, it also can help promote the branding message as well as calming aesthetics. As medical … [Read more...]

Take Care of Your Back(splash)

Salem_CAFE2_Dreamwalls ColorGlass Backsplash

Glass is a great choice for backsplashes and walls behind prep areas, and not just for aesthetic reasons. It handles the moisture, adds a much needed bit of sheen, it showcases the color; but glass does so much more. Glass allows for the reduction of bacteria-harboring grout lines The smooth … [Read more...]

Glass Use Rises Up, Up, Up


  Glass use for backsplash designs is definitely on the rise. More people are using glass than ever before as backsplashes in kitchens, breakrooms, and bathrooms. Of course,  since we create America's best backpainted glass, Dreamwalls Color Glass, we at Gardner Glass Products are happy … [Read more...]

Float Your Faucet


A big trend we've noticed in bathroom designs involving mirrors, is the proliferation of holes drilled through the mirrors for faucets. Thanks to water-jet cutting technology, nearly any size or shape can be cut out of a mirror in any location you require for your hardware needs. This look allows … [Read more...]

Glass Backsplashes Are Growing

Glass is on the rise in kitchens and bathrooms. According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association "2013 Kitchen & Style Report" released late last year, in a survey of NKBA members, glass backsplashes were one of the big trends to watch for 2013 and beyond. Click here to read the full … [Read more...]

Best Beautiful Backsplashes

  (Like how I went with the green backsplash for St. Patrick's Day?) A lot of our back-painted glass product goes into kitchen environments. They're not all residential kitchens either,...some are in corporate break rooms and institutional environments.  As I'm away working a glazing … [Read more...]