Design Notebook: Antique Mirror for Backsplashes

Antique Mirror can make a beautiful backsplash. Great for kitchen areas, serving buffets and wet bars, the durability of glass and the additional light added with the mirror, mixed with the added bonus of a subdued reflection creates a sophisticated tone in both traditional and modern environments. … [Read more...]

Glass Use In Wet Bars On The Rise

The use of glass in the home is on the rise as the proliferation of residential wet bars continues. Some of these multi-function areas may be tiny corners carved out for entertaining, and others may be huge basement man caves. But either way, glass products are a smart choice. Below are just a few … [Read more...]

Welcome Back Wet Bars

"Wet bar" conjures up ideas of swinging pads from decades ago,....hip drinking glasses and happy hours with a 'Mad Men' vibe. But they are making a comeback and are more modern than ever before. With sleek finishes that are water resistant - like Dreamwalls Color Glass - you can create either a … [Read more...]

Beautiful Bordeaux

This custom color of Dreamwalls matte color glass was specified for a hotel bar. The deep bordeaux color is perfect to whet the appetite, and the acid-etched finish is durable and extremely practical to prevent drink rings and fingerprints. The color on glass shows a depth and richness that is hard … [Read more...]

Antique in Hospitality

Antique mirrors are a wonderful tool in hospitality environments. The reflection of mirror creates excitement and intimacy, while opening up up the space visually. Hotels, restaurants, bars, and bistros can all benefit from the instant mood an antique mirror's patina can provide. Antique mirror … [Read more...]