High Point Continuing Trends

High Point Trends Spring 2012: ContinuingTrends

In addition to the continued strengths of last fall's trends of Menswear inspiration,  Cathedral Windows motif,  cute mush-faced little dogs, the repurposing of old metal signs, quilting details and patchwork ; chevrons continue to appear with much regularity,.... although in they seem to be growing … [Read more...]

HP Market Fall 2011: Squares, Loops & Cathedral Windows

Trends from High Point Fall 2011 - Shapes

The trend spotting from High Point Fall 2010 continues this week. For earlier topics, go HERE (Modern Menagerie), HERE (Wing Chairs, Menswear, & Pagodas), HERE (Customized Brights), or HERE (Red and a Touch of Dread). But today I show some general motifs I saw while breezing down the … [Read more...]