China Scrapbook 2012

Like munching on a big bok choy, seeing the world from a different point of view is something I savor. So in addition to the amazing use of back-painted glass and other decorative glazing examples, I thought I'd share a few of my sketches from China that shows the unique experience I had during my … [Read more...]

China Decorative Glass – part 2

In Monday's post, I showed a few of the back-painted glass installations I ran across in China. But the Chinese have embraced all types of decorative glass in various forms. Below is just a little scrapbook of my glass experience in Shanghai and the surrounding area. Bent glass: Carved … [Read more...]

China’s Decorative Glass

I spent last week in China - so blame it on my jet-lag if a few of my sentences don't make complete sense. But I truly love travel. The food, the sights, the feeling of being "out of place",...they all add up to invigorate something creative within me. And since I was there to work, I was able to … [Read more...]

Innovative Hotel Designs – part 3

What a contrast between the sleek styling inside the hotels and the old-world excitement of the outdoor market areas, yes? … [Read more...]

Innovative Hotel Designs – part 2

More hotel inspiration from China. This was the Renaissance Shanhai Yu Garden Hotel. It was really an amazing hotel and I enjoyed my time there immensely. … [Read more...]

Visit My Chinese Bathroom

After spending the better part of 24 hours just getting here, I wasn't able to see a great deal today. I adore Hong Kong as a city, though. It's so different than US cities, the way it's carved into the mountain sides. It's really beautiful. And it's terrific to see all the glass and mirror used in … [Read more...]