Being Choosy With Your Top

Dreamwalls Glass Tables Countertops Desks

You have a project that needs a glass table top or countertop. Hooray! You're sold on the practicality of the piece. Bravo! But the order isn't placed yet. There are many different options and decisions you need to make when specifying a table top or countertop for your job. In this blog post, I'll … [Read more...]

Top Options

Dreamwalls Low-Iron Glass Countertop

You’ve got a project that needs a table top. You’re sold on the practicality of glass. We are so pleased! There are many different options and decisions you need to make when specifying a table top or countertop for your job. In today's article, we’ll walk you through some of the many choices and … [Read more...]

2012 Countdown: Number #3, #4 & #5


2012 is drawing to a close. It's the time of year to review accomplishments and progress of the past year. It's important to know where you're going, by knowing where you've been. So this week, we're reviewing the Dreamwalls top posts of 2012. Number 5: "Five Backsplash Project Questions to … [Read more...]

Dreamy Wet Bars


"Wet bar" conjures up ideas of swinging pads from decades ago,....hip drinking glasses and happy hours with a 'Mad Men' vibe. But they are making a comeback and are more modern than ever before. With sleek finishes that are water resistant - like Dreamwalls Color Glass - you can create either a … [Read more...]

Click, Sit Back, & Enjoy

I love a good video. I'm a visual learner, so it's one of the best ways I learn new software, crafts, or dance moves (we'll save that for a future post). But videos are also a great way to see product ideas without having to click through a slide show or scroll down a page. Just click, sit back, and … [Read more...]

Dreaming of Dreamwalls – Let Me Count The Ways


How can  you use Dreamwalls glass products in a bathroom? Let me count the ways. That was my challenge for this bathroom. I wanted to create a bathroom that utilized the variety of glass products we offered and show them in a wide variety of ways, all within one small space. So I started with the … [Read more...]

Don’t Forget To Play

Printed Glass Game Tables

Practical and durable, these glass game tables stay out all the time,....allowing you the joy of an impromptu game and the reminder to play, anytime. Cute, and clever! … [Read more...]

Chameleons of Color

Thick glass countertops and glass fronted appliances

There are so many ideas for uses of Glass Countertops. They are like chameleons of color - able to work in any style room. Everyone always assumes glass is a "modern" material, but it's really the color along with the mix of textures in a room that truly dictates how the eye moves around a … [Read more...]

It’s Your Serve


I love glass serving bars. One of our very first projects with Dreamwalls Color Glass was a serving bar, and I it's a great kitchen solution - with or without color. The differentiated height helps designate a different space, but the sleekness and reflective surface of glass still gives the space … [Read more...]

Hospitality Served 3 Ways

Gardner Glass Hospitality Lobby

This is a hotel lobby with Dreamwalls Color Glass in lots of different surfaces, for various functions and effects. #1 - wall application. Glass is a great color to use here because of the light it reflects and the brilliance of the color. In this design, it is used in lime, cool gray, and … [Read more...]