Feeling The Love

Valentine's Day always makes us recall this unique project. The hottest pink color that has ever gone through our plant was specified for a large Dreamwalls Color Glass retail design order several years ago.  H-O-T pink. It was for a  Love Culture store that needed "Mars Red" and a cheery hot pink … [Read more...]

Healthcare Lobby With a Light Touch

The Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Institute for Personalized Cancer Therapy is part of the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. The facility prides itself on offering less invasive and more attractive options for cancer patients. That drive for options and attention to … [Read more...]

Milan Missoni: A Color Statement In Glass

Back-painted glass can be used to either calm or energize a retail space. Either way, it adds refinement and style that can become an extension of the store's brand. It's important to consider what the play of light, saturated color, and reflection of backpainted glass can achieve for your … [Read more...]

1-minute Markerboards

Got a minute? Please watch our new 1-minute video aboutDreamwalls Glass Markerboards. It's the premier writing surface with unlimited color options, all the options you need for installation, and the accessories to enhance its performance even further. For educational, healthcare, and commercial … [Read more...]

Get Organized Using Glass

Using glass for organization is simple. It's a writeable surface that looks beautiful even when nothing is on it. Dreamwalls Color Glass is our backpainted glass product that can be used for horizontal or vertical surfaces, and can be very useful in kitchens and communal areas for communication and … [Read more...]

Wake Tech Glass Walls

Wake Technical Community College, located in Raleigh, NC,  is North Carolina’s largest community college, serving over 69,000 students each year, according to its website. The administration of Wake Tech is firmly committed to sustainability  in preparing students for employment in “green” … [Read more...]

One of the Greats of 2016: Rodgers Construction

This post is first in a series of "best of 2016" projects we've worked on this past year. We are so happy to be a part of these jobs that add color and function to a wide variety of interior spaces.  This past fall, we completed a glass wall for Rodgers Builders, a construction company with … [Read more...]

Creamy Color Clarity

With Dreamwalls Color Glass, we can get your whites, super-white. We use low-iron glass with extreme clarity, so we can provide backpainted glass that is True White instead of aqua or green. However, this color clarity is important for more than just white. It is also key for subtle colors, where a … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Dreamwalls Glass Table Toppers Are ABrilliant Solution For Restaurants

5 Reasons Dreamwalls Glass Table Toppers are Brilliant Solutions 1- They can revive an older, worn piece of furniture without refinishing or altering the piece in any way. 2- They protect wood furniture or table linens from moisture and stains – and clean up is a simple wipe. 3- They instantly … [Read more...]