A Creative Classic

Antique mirror is new again, and Gardner Glass Products makes it better than ever before. The consistent, subtle pattern of Gardner's Dreamwalls® Antique Mirror never feels obtrusive. Gardner's Dreamwalls Antique Mirror is perfect for use as interior walls, tabletops, furniture inserts and other … [Read more...]

Classic Red Lipstick of Design

"Dreamwalls Antique Mirror: The Classic Red Lipstick of Interior Design", it shows some great ideas and inspiration for using Dreamwalls Antique Mirror in hospitality, commercial and residential interiors. At under 2 minutes, I hope it gives you some ideas for using antique mirror for wall … [Read more...]

Hall of Mirrors,…Antique Mirrors

Basically, there are two main ways to create an antique mirror. At the "first quality" manufacturing level, which is what we do at Dreamwalls, we take a virgin piece of glass, and create a soft antique mirror from the outset using our manufacturing methodology. However, there are … [Read more...]

1 Cabinet, 3 Ways

Glass has become very popular as cabinet inserts, and while attractive, it leaves nothing to the imagination. You must have your plates perfectly stacked, you can't have any excess clutter, and your rice cooker needs to be aesthetically attractive. So, basically,...it's not for me or anyone I know. … [Read more...]