Colors of The Year: in Glass

All the big color and paint companies have named their colors of the year for 2016, and to be honest there were some surprises. White being a color of the year is a big shocker,...since it's really a non-color; the anti-color. But for us, it's definitely the most popular color of glass that we … [Read more...]

7 Apps for Success (and Smiles)

There are a few apps that we at Dreamwalls use and enjoy daily and thought other design-minded folks might be interested in as well. Some are extremely practical, and some are just fun, but for the modern mode of business-on-the-go, these are some apps we can't live without.... 1) Bendoku - … [Read more...]

University Elevator Banks

We just received photos of a recent installation that was just so perfect for this week's blogs about elevator lobbies was so great, I simply HAD to share. A full case study will come later, but for a beautiful example of what colorful backpainted glass can do for a bank of elevators, look no … [Read more...]

Elevator Lobbies: Up With Glass

Glass is often used around Elevators in hotels, office and commercial environments for a multitude of reasons. It's easy to clean, the reflective surfaces attract the eye and focus attention, it can add color and branding to the environment, and is just downright beautiful. Today, we're showing a … [Read more...]

Low-Iron High-Definition Mirror

"Dreamwalls High-Definition Mirror" is what we call our low-iron mirror products. These mirrors offer brighter reflections, truer colors, and sharper focus than ordinary mirrors. Ordinary mirrors (of which we make many every day) are made with high-quality glass known as "mirror quality". It … [Read more...]

The Colors of Fall HPMkt 2015

The 2015 Fall High Point Market just closed up for the winter, and there were a few new trends in color worth noting. The color palette seemed more optimistic and bright than in past years, and I felt that feeling through the sales associates I spoke with as well. They were looking forward to a … [Read more...]

Texas Kitchen Unifies Elements With Glass

This is a kitchen installation created by one of our fantastic customers, Anchor Ventana, in Texas.  They did the glass installation in this Austin home. What strikes us first is how the neutral palette and gauze window treatments soften what could have been a very hard-edged, angular design. The … [Read more...]

Southern Style Antique Mirror

This amazing bathroom was created as a 2013 Southern Living Showcase Home in Austin, TX. This is the first time two builders, Henley Custom Homes and Silverton Custom Homes , have partnered to design and create a beautiful home that is full of  a gracious, sophisticated farmhouse style.  According … [Read more...]

Gardner Looks Ahead

  Glass Build America is a convention and exhibition for the glass industry and was held last week in Atlanta. While there was a lot of positivity among attendees and exhibitors, there is no doubt challenges are presenting themselves in the industry. Themes included the of growth of … [Read more...]

Best Back-Painted In The Biz

Let's face it. Fifteen  years ago, it was difficult to find backpainted glass in the United States. When you did find it, odds were you weren't dealing with a glass specialist. You'd get it from a painting operation. A guy who claimed he could paint anything. The result would be plagued with … [Read more...]