Everything Old Is New Again at NeoCon 2017

Next week, we're excited to be back at NeoCon in Chicago. It's one of the largest commercial contract furnishings shows in the world, and we'll be up on the 7th floor in booth 7-5011. One of the items we'll be showing is our Dreamwalls Antique Mirror product. It's a first-quality product that isn't … [Read more...]

More To See at NeoCon 2017

Did we mention we'd be showing out backpainted glass, Dreamwalls Color Glass, at NeoCon in Chicago next week? Well, we are! We will be featuring it for inspiration in booth #7-5011. We are so excited to show you how great it is when glass and color get together. … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Brilliant Backsplashes

Have you got a minute? That's all it'll take to view this short video about Dreamwalls backsplashes. Dreamwalls Color Glass is Gardner Glass Products' backpainted glass which provides custom-color, opacity, and an easy-to-clean surface that is beautiful for backsplash applications in corporate … [Read more...]

The Shocking Truth about Thermal Shock

Annealed glass is regular glass that has a large break pattern. Tempered glass is glass that has been heat-treated using a special process that makes it 4 times stronger than annealed glass. It's more resistant to surface strikes and to thermal shock. What is thermal shock? In layman's terms, … [Read more...]

Backsplash Custom Possibilities

In the 10 years we've been making Dreamwalls Color Glass backpainted glass, we've created a LOT of backsplashes. As a backsplash surface, backpainted glass just makes a lot of sense. It's easy to clean, it doesn't have a lot of seams or any grout to keep clean, and it is sealed water-tight with … [Read more...]

Tempered Glass: The Gardner Way

What IS Tempered Glass? Tempered glass is regular annealed glass that has been processed by a controlled thermal process to increase its strength in comparison to annealed (untempered) glass. The glass is heated in a special oven almost to a liquid state, and then cooled very quickly to create a … [Read more...]

The Colors of Spring ~ Part 2

Yesterday, we looked at the bright-color leader that we've been sampling a lot of this spring. Today, we'll look at the moodier palette we've been working with; Deep greens! It's not the bright "Greenery" of Pantone's Color of the Year,..it's more of a dark mallard green, teal, or deep bluish … [Read more...]

Colors of Spring ’17 ~ Part 1

https://www.instagram.com/p/BTwjNRXjZRT/?taken-by=dreamwallsglass This spring we've been sampling a bunch of colors in our Dreamwalls Color Glass backpainted glass. We always do a bunch of whites and grays. They're timeless. However, there's always a trend on the other colors. It's odd. Sometimes … [Read more...]

Dreamwalls Antique Mirror: First Quality

Dreamwalls Antique Mirror is created by what we call a "first quality" process. To fully understand what that means, it helps to understand how antique mirror is normally made. In the past, antique mirror was created as a secondary process. The maker would take a normal mirror and strip it of its … [Read more...]

Antique Mirror: Southern Living Style

This amazing bathroom was created as a Southern Living Showcase Home in Austin, TX. This is the first time two builders, Henley Custom Homes and Silverton Custom Homes , partnered to design and create a beautiful home that is full of  a gracious, sophisticated farmhouse style.  According to Kristen … [Read more...]