[Video] Easy Clean in Real Time

"Oh, sure, Mandy,....this glass is SO easy to clean. You tell us that all the time." Okay, well I'll SHOW you. I took two samples of our Dreamwalls Color Glass. One in original glossy glass and one in our matte acid-etched finish. I marked them with a dry erase markers, a fat Sparco® permanent … [Read more...]

Hygiene Is Important

PinkOTC installation of Dreamwalls Color Glass

Glass is one of the most hygienic surfaces to use for interiors. It's easy to clean, easy to care for, and - in the case of our Dreamwalls Color Glass - it is colorfast, durable, and non-fading. What makes Dreamwalls Color Glass in general so "easy care"? It is non-porous, which doesn't make … [Read more...]

Glass Class Is In Session

Bright Orange Lobby Area

Time for a little education about using glass in education. Glass, and back-painted glass specifically, can be a very practical surfacing material in educational environments. When tempered, it is extremely strong; and when installed by a qualified professional, it can be just as safe as any other … [Read more...]

It’s Okay To Mark On The Walls

Office Conference Area Dreamwalls Color Glass Dry Erase Board

When I was 5, I took my crayons to the wall of my bedroom. It was beautiful. My artwork was bigger than I ever thought possible and I was so proud. My mother, Saint that she was, didn't lose her cool. She told me it was very pretty,....and that I'd have to clean it all off before bedtime. Which I … [Read more...]