The Best Way to Clean Mirrors

Tools for cleaning glass

Yesterday, I spoke a little about the resiliency of Dreamwalls Color Glass to baked-on, marked-on gunk. Today, I'll do the same for mirrors and other clear glass products. FIRST: Remember, moisture is the enemy of all mirrors. Windex, vinegar, water,...doesn't matter. All moisture is bad to a … [Read more...]

Cleaning Backpainted Glass

Cleaning: Baked on Spaghetti Sauce, permanent markers, dry erase markers, on backpainted glass.

  Backpainted glass - when produced well - is no match for stubborn stains. Whether it's used as a markerboard, and a Sharpie® gets accidentally used; or spaghetti sauce gets spattered and forgotten; glass is an amazing surface to clean. In today's short video, I'm going to show you the … [Read more...]

Best Beautiful Backsplashes

  (Like how I went with the green backsplash for St. Patrick's Day?) A lot of our back-painted glass product goes into kitchen environments. They're not all residential kitchens either,...some are in corporate break rooms and institutional environments.  As I'm away working a glazing … [Read more...]

Quiet the Visual Noise

Office Bookcase featuring Acid-Etched Glass Doors

I've been thinking a lot lately about visual noise; you know it as the clutter and chaos that our everyday environments feature. It puts you on edge, it makes you tense; often without even realizing why you're feeling that way. Acid-etched glass is a good solution for solving the problem of … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Use Glass in Offices

Acid etched glass cabinet

Today's modern offices need to adapt to the modern work style. With workers more involved in collaboration, flextime, and remotely,...offices require designs that are unique to each corporate culture, while still allowing for what the future may bring. In my opinion, the main two design elements to … [Read more...]

Emerging Shower Enclosure Trends

CRL Headerless Fully Frameless Shower Enclosure Hardware

As we are working more with glass shower enclosures, I've been noticing some trends in custom shower enclosure design. When I say "custom" these are completely custom designs with unique panel sizes made exclusively for a space. They can certainly also be for project work - for instance where many … [Read more...]

A Bright Lighting Idea

Backlit Low-iron Acid Etched Glass

Acid Etched Glass is a specific type of glass that has been "frosted" by treating one or both surfaces with hydrofluoric acid to create an even pattern etched into the glass. The acid is completely cleaned off the glass after manufacture, so the glass is completely safe; and is beautifully even and … [Read more...]

A ghostly delight – VIDEO

Dreamwalls Acid Etched Products This Halloween, they are the perfect product to create the smokey, light-diffusing effects in your environments. Watch this short video entitled "Ethereal Dreams" - a portfolio of beautiful uses for acid etched glass products. How can we help you with achieving … [Read more...]

China Decorative Glass – part 2

Bent Glass in Shanghai, China

In Monday's post, I showed a few of the back-painted glass installations I ran across in China. But the Chinese have embraced all types of decorative glass in various forms. Below is just a little scrapbook of my glass experience in Shanghai and the surrounding area. Bent glass: Carved … [Read more...]

Why Acid Etched Is The Only Etched

Dreamwalls Color Glass Acid Etched Glass

When people mention "etched glass" they can mean a WIDE variety of things. There are acid etched products (which we offer), sandblasted, laser etched, and even printing or decorative films that look like etching. Basically, the term "etched glass"  or "frosted glass" is a generic term used as a … [Read more...]