Tempered Storefronts Come Home

Tempered Glass Storefronts have been used for retail purposes for a long time. As the hardware and engineering improves, more and more glass is used in retail to allow the customer to see inside, find it inviting while walking by, receive more information about what the store is all about quickly … [Read more...]

Glass Use In Wet Bars On The Rise

The use of glass in the home is on the rise as the proliferation of residential wet bars continues. Some of these multi-function areas may be tiny corners carved out for entertaining, and others may be huge basement man caves. But either way, glass products are a smart choice. Below are just a few … [Read more...]

Brilliant Bar Storage

Golden wet bar with bottom storage cabinet and additional curtain

When you have a wet bar, the myriad of beautiful glasses and bottles can act as sculpture for the home. But what if the bottles aren't so great? A 2-liter bottle of ginger ale isn't art. And what if you don't want to display your liquor out for all the world to see? Here are some clever ideas for … [Read more...]

Hall of Mirrors,…Antique Mirrors

Antique Mirror Backsplash with Rosettes

Basically, there are two main ways to create an antique mirror. At the "first quality" manufacturing level, which is what we do at Dreamwalls, we take a virgin piece of glass, and create a soft antique mirror from the outset using our manufacturing methodology. However, there are … [Read more...]

Top 5 Dreamwalls Color Glass Projects of 2011

H&M Glass Hershey Lime Dreamwalls Color Glass Backsplash

This year has been a big one for the growth of awareness in the possibilities for Dreamwalls Color Glass. We've had a lot of fantastic customers that have done some amazing installations. We are so happy to see our product used in so many creative ways. This is a short list of some notable … [Read more...]