Something Old for Something New

Dreamwalls© _RusticBarAntiqueMirror

Dreamwalls Antique Mirror is a wonderful tool in hospitality environments. Antique mirror doesn't have to mean traditional or stuffy. It adds character and softeness. The reflection of the subtly distressed mirror creates excitement and intimacy, while opening up up the space visually. Hotels, … [Read more...]

The Boutique Look

Mandarin Oriental Hotel - Atlanta, GA

Boutique hotels are wonderful experiences for the senses. They can be fun, playful, refined, hip, and luxurious,...usually within a very tiny footprint. So what is the key to creating a "boutique" hotel look in any interior? Here at Dreamwalls, we boiled it down to some basic design elements to … [Read more...]

Hot or Not from High Point

Dreamwalls Trends: What's Hot-or-Not from High Point Market Spring 2014

My favorite thing to do at High Point Market is sift through the sheer volume of beauty and design to see over-arcing trends. From there I like to see what was a trend the past few seasons and is no longer, as well as the hint of what may be the next trend to come. (I really hope I'm right about the … [Read more...]

4 Ways To Pop With Color

Two's Company - Colorful Coral Tabletop Accents

  Every room needs a bit of "pop;" you know, that bit of energy and humor that makes a space feel fun and friendly. Today, we'll investigate our top choices for colors as easy choices when a room needs little something to tie it together and give it a bit of "pop." We'll start with a … [Read more...]

Showroom Success

Vignette using Dreamwalls Color Glass

As a marketing executive, I occasionally get asked by our customers to help them with their showrooms. Sure, I've taken a visual merchandising class or two in my day, but as a supplier it is a difficult position to be in to help with a showroom that isn't mine. In my experience the customers that … [Read more...]

Compare Colors of the Year 2011


As January is rolling forward, I wanted to review some of the big color announcements and compare/contrast them with each other. As a company that works with color every day, we don't always see the trends immediately. We are a little different. So before I unveil what we see, I wanted to review … [Read more...]

Visit My Chinese Bathroom

Sandblasted Glass

After spending the better part of 24 hours just getting here, I wasn't able to see a great deal today. I adore Hong Kong as a city, though. It's so different than US cities, the way it's carved into the mountain sides. It's really beautiful. And it's terrific to see all the glass and mirror used in … [Read more...]

Dreamwalls Marble Glass Wins Crystal Achievement Award

Dreamwalls Marble Glass Countertop Verde Marinace

On September 8th, Glass Magazine announced its 2010 Crystal Achievement Award winners. Dreamwalls Marble Glass was declared "Most Innovative Decorative Glass Product" by a panel of judges representing all segments of the glass industry. The annual awards recognize the best products and glass … [Read more...]

Design Your Own Economy

Shaun Kennedy _ Bear Glass

In Vegas we got a chance to really strengthen relationships. Our industry has had a tough time in this recession, and decorative glass products are one of the few things everyone can get excited about. According to a GlassBuild America press release: "Consistent with this year's theme of 'Let's … [Read more...]

We’re in Vegas, baby….and we’re giving it away!

Mark Melvin

After a hard day of set up, the Dreamwalls team is ready in the Las Vegas Convention Center for GlassBuild America. We're in a cool isthmus of a booth - #1056, near the Innovations Pavillion. Tommy, Randy, John, Mark and countless sales reps will be available to answer all your questions in … [Read more...]