Countertops That Stand Out

Montage of Raised Countertops and Horizontal Glass Surfaces Using Gyford Standoff Systems

Glass countertops can be used to define space in kitchen environments, and with the use of specialty hardware like stand-offs, the glass countertop can be raised to whatever height you need in that area. The standoffs support the glass at the edges and take the counter from a working height to a bar … [Read more...]

Glass Desks Get Things Done


Glass desks really can add light, color, and pizazz to an office desk. When you add backpainted glass, it adds a layer of sophistication to the space. By just adding a pop of color, the professionalism of a home office is elevated. Look at a few of these examples from Houzz. The refinement of the … [Read more...]

Glass Table Seating Capacity

  One of the real advantages of a glass table top is that you can have it made to whatever size and shape you need. A wide array of shapes, edgeworks, colors, and sizes are all at your fingertips. But what size table do you really need? Here are a few general rules for your space … [Read more...]

Make Your Room Come Alive

John Foster's amazing "Sparkle Palace Cocktail Table" made from colorful glass geometric shapes. For more info, visit

"Color is a kind of exclamation point. It makes a room come alive." - Philip Gorrivan … [Read more...]

Talking the Line

Gardner Glass Products Edgework Capabilities

As I mentioned yesterday, we recently upgraded our fabrication capabilities by adding the premiere edger of the glass industry. It is truly the "cutting edge" of glass technology. The resulting edgework is consistent from the first piece to the last piece, on every piece of glass. The arris is … [Read more...]

2013 Kips Bay: Color & Shine


The 2013 Kips Bay Decorator Show House opened up on May 7th during NY Design Week, and it was another stunner. This annual show house is a worthy cause as it serves as a fundraiser for The Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club; reportedly 15% of the charitable organization's operating budget comes from … [Read more...]

Serve Up Glass with Style

Precision Glass & Shower Curved Serving Bar

I love glass serving bars. One of our very first projects with Dreamwalls Color Glass was a large serving bar - in bright orange -  and it's a terrific kitchen solution; with or without color.  The differentiated height of a serving bar helps designate a different task area, defines space, and gives … [Read more...]

Top Options

Dreamwalls Low-Iron Glass Countertop

You’ve got a project that needs a table top. You’re sold on the practicality of glass. We are so pleased! There are many different options and decisions you need to make when specifying a table top or countertop for your job. In today's article, we’ll walk you through some of the many choices and … [Read more...]

Touching Base

Table Top 1

I'm buying a new house, and it is small. So I've been thinking a lot about how to keep it feeling spacious, while maximizing the utility. Glass table tops really fit the bill in creating coffee tables that allow a space to feel open. What is so great about glass, is that it still … [Read more...]

Dreamwalls Table Toppers Are Tops

Dreamwalls True Black Backpainted Glass Table Topper

What is a table topper, you ask? It is a piece of glass - usually 1/4" (6mm) or 5/32" (4mm) thick that is placed on the existing top of a table, or some other piece of furniture like a dresser or credenza. Since it is completed supported by the solid piece of furniture, it may or may not need to be … [Read more...]