Antique Mirror Backsplashes

Today we're looking at antique mirror backsplashes in the kitchen. The top demand of a smart kitchen is good lighting, and mirrors easily help illuminate the dark, under-cabinet areas that are where the food prep happen. But many people have reservations that regular mirror will be too "bright" or … [Read more...]

Urban Oasis 2013: Vintage Modern with Antique Mirror


The HGTV Urban Oasis is located in Boston this year, and it features beautiful views of the city. However, it is TINY. I mean, 1,000 sq. feet tiny. So what did the designers turn to to create a feel that is spacious and chic in such a small footprint? Why, Antique Mirror, of course! Right … [Read more...]

2012 Countdown: #1 Every Room Needs One


The top post of 2012  is one that focused on Dreamwalls Antique Mirror. It was just posted mid-November so for it to have so many site views was a bit surprising to me. I present to you the top Dreamwalls post of 2012: "Every Room Needs One" ___________________________________________ … [Read more...]

Urban Oasis Glass

HGTV Urban Oasis 2012 Giveaway Glass in the Foyer and Lobby Areas

HGTV's Urban Oasis Giveaway sweepstakes is over October 15th, 2012, so there is still time to enter to win this amazing Miami condo. I adored last year's Chicago Urban Oasis, but this one has won me over as the new champion, no small part to its amazing use of glass in many different forms. … [Read more...]

HGTV’s “Great Rooms”

Meg Caswell _ HGTV's Great Rooms

On HGTV's new show, "Great Rooms", Design Star season six winner Meg Caswell transforms outdated kitchens, living rooms and dining spaces in her hometown of Chicago. Originally pitched as "Design Crimes" (since Meg is a former criminologist) her actual show is really a useful "real world" show with … [Read more...]