#HPmkt ~ Black That’s Anything But Basic

At this year's High Point Market, the big trend was dark. Sure, a pinky blush was still popping up from time to time to lighten the mood; but overall the tone was somber. The weather was cold and rainy for most of market this year, and inside the mood was stormy as well. It was a bold and dramatic … [Read more...]

A Swirl of Exciting Trends at HPmkt Spring 17

Marbleizing seems to be a trend that has gained some interest in this spring's High Point Market. It's an extremely old, traditional method to add designs that started with the art of bookbinding centuries ago, but has now found its way to everything from lamps to vases, to wallpaper and more with a … [Read more...]

Brass Bottoms and Confidants

There have been a few other trends from last month's High Point Market that we wanted to share with our readers. They are looks that give a nod toward warmth, intimacy, and a 70's throwback vibe that can't be anything but fun. Confidants Gossip-ready, these conversational benches are statement … [Read more...]

Case Study: Cyan Goes True White

Cyan Design is a Texas-based home decor company with a philosophy of eclectic elegance coupled with compelling value in their 1,550 sqt ft permanent showroom located in the IHFC building of High Point Market. The installation of “True White” Dreamwalls Color Glass backpainted glass around the … [Read more...]

Trendspotting: The Jewelry Box Must Haves

The 2015 Fall High Point Market wrapped up last week, and there were a few big pieces that were the "must have" of every showroom.  Yes, there were still some bars. Yes, there were still statement credenzas. However, these three trend-driven pieces were influenced by the "jewel-box" style of small … [Read more...]

The Colors of Fall HPMkt 2015

The 2015 Fall High Point Market just closed up for the winter, and there were a few new trends in color worth noting. The color palette seemed more optimistic and bright than in past years, and I felt that feeling through the sales associates I spoke with as well. They were looking forward to a … [Read more...]

The Unique Finds & Delights

At Dreamwalls, we do a lot of trend spotting and trying to find patterns in all the new products one sees at High Point Market. There is just so much to see, it can be overwhelming if you don't try to make sense of it all. Remember, market is over 180 different buildings FILLED with showrooms of … [Read more...]

Antique Mirror and Indigo Blues at Market

The most prominent color at Spring 2015 High Point Market was a deep-dyed indigo blue. There were lots of shades of blue, but the deepest indigo was the one that was most visible. It popped with the popular bright golds, shimmered in velvet finishes and had the artistic touch of hand-applied … [Read more...]

2 Break Out Trends of High Point Spring 15

The Dreamwalls team loves to go to High Point Market and see the trends that will be pushing into the home furnishings and decor industries in the coming months. Even though we are a bit more involved in the commercial and contract markets; the colors, motifs, and over-arcing trends find their way … [Read more...]

Then, Now and Next: The Trends of High Point Spring 2015

Trends are the whole point of High Point Market. Companies are trying to set new trends, or be the first with a trend; the buyers are trying to time the trends to coincide with their customers' demand; and the media is trying to gain credibility by calling the trends correctly. As for us at … [Read more...]