6 Social Media Tips

Jump On The Social Media Bandwagon

Gardner Glass Products has had the Dreamwalls Glass brand on a variety of social media  since 2009.  Which doesn't sound that long compared to other companies, but for our industry is pioneer-level. Over the past 6 years, some platforms have come and gone. We've seen companies jump in to social … [Read more...]

3 Ways Mirrors Improve Customer Service

mirror image

Working for a mirror manufacturer has its advantages. We are surrounded by mirrors. Down every hallway and around every corner in our offices, there's likely to be one. Every office has at least one mirror. Some offices have a whole wall of mirrors. We love mirrors. We believe it's important to … [Read more...]

An Install Example


Installing a Dreamwalls Color Glass back-painted glass backsplash is a relatively simple process. The measuring and templating of the glass pieces are the most important step to the backsplash installation. A reputable glass installer / glazier will be able to do this for you and place the order for … [Read more...]

Keeping It Clean

Cleaning: Baked on Spaghetti Sauce, permanent markers, dry erase markers, on backpainted glass.

Backpainted glass - when produced well like Dreamwalls Color Glass - is no match for stubborn stains. Whether it's used as a markerboard, and a Sharpie® gets accidentally used; or spaghetti sauce gets spattered and forgotten; glass is an amazing surface to clean. In today's short video, I'm going to … [Read more...]

Focus on the Fireplace

Abode Love Fireplace Mirror

A lot people have fireplaces in their home or apartments that no longer function as such. The mantles are fantastic architectural details however, and it's expensive - or violates property agreements - to do away with them. So below are some ways that designers have used mirrors to add more life to … [Read more...]

Every Room Needs One

Mirrored Dining Room Wall

In an Associate Press article, Melissa Rayworth wrote about some ideas for "Letting the Sunshine In" to your home and interior spaces by interviewing HGTV personality Genevieve Gorder, "Design Star" producer Brian Patrick Flynn, and LA designer Betsy Burnham for their best tips. (To view the full … [Read more...]

Mirrors Make Better Customer Service

Customer Service In The Mirror

Working for a mirror manufacturer has its advantages. I am surrounded by mirrors. Down every hallway and around every corner in our offices, there's likely to be one. When I was new, it was a little unnerving; but now I've become very comfortable with my own reflection. (No one ever has to tell you … [Read more...]

How To Clean Any Glass Shower

Dreamwalls True White Glass Shower Walls with Clear Glass Door

Glass showers are a beauties in the bathroom, but many people still shy away from them. Cleaning the glass is one of the reasons they cite for not jumping on board. This baffles me. No matter if it’s ceramic or a fiberglass surround, ya gotta clean it. Nobody likes to do it, but it must be done. … [Read more...]

Cleaning Your House….

Quickie Mop

"Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing." ~Phyllis Diller Phyllis Diller's Housekeeping Hints, 1966 … [Read more...]

How To Clean a Mirror

Mirror and Frame Degredation from Aggressive Cleaning

Sometimes, you’ll notice mirrors with “black edge”. This is the result of the edges being exposed to moisture, oils, or chemicals that have corrupted the edge and separated either the layers from the glass, or the layers from one another. Does it happen with one brief exposure? Usually it is … [Read more...]