4 Great Ways To Install Markerboards

At Gardner Glass Products, when we decide to branch into a new product, we want our customers to have everything they need to make the installation go smoothly. That is why we offer a wide variety of installation methods for our Dreamwalls Glass Markerboards. Our glass markerboards are the premiere … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning Glass In The Home

Glass is being used in interior more than ever before. This is inpart to the technological advances in glass manufacturing; offering sizes, finishes, fabrication options that weren't possible 10 years ago. But it's also because of the easy to clean surfaces that glass products can provide. Below are … [Read more...]

4 Ways To Color Your World – Customized

Did you know we can create nearly ANY color in Dreamwalls Color Glass? Pantone, Sherwin Williams, RAL, Benjamin Moore, PPG Paints,...we've done them all. About 10 years ago, when we first launched Dreamwalls Color Glass backpainted glass, we followed the model of Europe; offer a palette of colors … [Read more...]

HOW TO: Cleaning Backpainted Glass

Backpainted glass - when produced well - is no match for stubborn stains. Whether it's used as a markerboard, and a Sharpie® permanent marker is accidentally used; or spaghetti sauce gets splattered and forgotten on a backsplash; glass is an amazing surface to clean. In today's short video, I'm … [Read more...]

HOW TO: Cleaning Mirrors

Mirrors are in every home, apartment, condo and hotel room in the country. Just stop and take a moment to think about how many are in your home and office. It's likely more than you would initially have thought. (I have 10!) It's important to know how to clean them correctly. Public Enemy … [Read more...]

Easy Care Acid Etched Glass

People LOVE the soft, ethereal look of acid etched glass. But they wrongly think it's hard to care for. The old sandblasted version of etched glass definitely has to be babied. You can't get it wet, you can't get oils on it, and you can't clean the pitted surface. However, acid etched glass has the … [Read more...]

Our Statement With Interior Glass

I recently had the opportunity to start a monthly column about Interior Glass over at US Glass / USGNN. I am very happy to announce the first of many went up last week. "5 Ways To Make A Statement With Interior Glass," addresses the general ways that fabricators are adding value to glass for … [Read more...]

How To Install A Glass Backsplash

Installing a Dreamwalls Color Glass back-painted glass backsplash is a relatively simple process. The measuring and templating of the glass pieces are the most important step to the backsplash installation,...and it's a process similar to that of custom stone countertops. A reputable glass installer … [Read more...]

5 Big Glass Conference Table Considerations

When customers approach Gardner Glass for Dreamwalls heavy glass custom conference tables, we are happy to tackle the projects. This example of a heavy glass table in a popular food chain corporate headquarters was a big one. The end result was altered a bit from the initial concept, and it's just … [Read more...]

6 Social Media Tips

Gardner Glass Products has had the Dreamwalls Glass brand on a variety of social media  since 2009.  Which doesn't sound that long compared to other companies, but for our industry is pioneer-level. Over the past 6 years, some platforms have come and gone. We've seen companies jump in to social … [Read more...]