5 More Delicious Uses For Glass in Restaurants

Glass  is easy to maintain and has limitless in its customization options, for size, shape, color, and fuction. So it's no wonder that glass can also add useful features to the interior of a restaurant while adding to the interior design and branding plan. Glass comes in so many varieties: tinted, … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Whet Your Appetite For Glass in Restaurant Designs

Glass is a great surfacing material to use in restaurant interiors.  With a high-end look that is easy to maintain and limitless in its customization options, glass can also add useful features to the interior of a restaurant while adding function, reduced maintenance and good looks for years to … [Read more...]

7 Shower Upgrades To Consider

  A frameless glass bath enclosure is the centerpiece of any well-appointed master bathroom suite. But with so many possibilities, it's hard to decide what features to include, and which ones are just a fad. Below are 7 time-tested upgrades that are well worth the additional time and … [Read more...]

Steve Shorthouse: The Voice of Color

Steve Shorthouse spoke on the PPG Paints color trends at High Point Market last October. He was a super-engaging speaker, and he's going to be back at market next month. I encourage you all to check out his FREE seminar on color. You'll have a good time and learn a little something too. Below is a … [Read more...]

7 Bath Enclosure Upgrades Worth It

  A frameless glass bath enclosure is the centerpiece of any well-appointed master bathroom suite. Today we're looking at seven specific things that elevate an ordinary bath enclosure to the stuff of legend,...or at the very least the stuff of luxury. 1) Starphire® Glass: This low-iron … [Read more...]

Glass Use In Wet Bars On The Rise

The use of glass in the home is on the rise as the proliferation of residential wet bars continues. Some of these multi-function areas may be tiny corners carved out for entertaining, and others may be huge basement man caves. But either way, glass products are a smart choice. Below are just a few … [Read more...]

Low-iron Glass: Clarified

Low-iron glass has finally come into its own. No longer the rare long-lost cousin of regular glass, low-iron glass is becoming the core of quality glass products. Low-iron glass is glass that is created at the float line manufacturer to contain fewer minerals that cause the greenish tint of regular … [Read more...]

Respect Your Edge

I practice yoga. I do it because I like to stay limber aand there's something about standing on your head that can sometimes actually clear it. One of the things my instructor says every class is, "Respect your edge". He's talking about knowing your limitations, listening to your body and being … [Read more...]

The Color Choice is Clear

With Dreamwalls Color Glass, we can get your whites, super-white. Using low-iron glass with extreme clarity, Dreamwals Color Glass can provide backpainted glass that is True White instead of aqua or green. However, this color clarity is certainly important for more than just the color white. It is … [Read more...]

Glass Desks Defined

A glass desktop is the perfect workstation for your home or office. It can be made entirely of glass - of 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch thick glass - or just a a 1/4 inch thick topper laid on top of the existing surface. It can be completely clear glass (low-iron for maximum clarity) to showcase the other … [Read more...]