Trend: Make Mine Matte

Dreamwalls Glass Trend spotted at High Point Market Spring 2014: Make Mine Matte

Glass has been so strong at market for several seasons, but this season it was all about a matte finish. Outdoor furniture, indoor furniture, lighting and accent pieces all were glowing with the suede finish of etched glass. Smart for it's durable finish, but also for the way light and color plays … [Read more...]

4 Areas Where Matte Matters

NavyAcidEtched Backsplash

Dreamwalls Etched Glass can be back-painted to create Dreamwalls Matte Color Glass for some truly beautiful interiors. For today's post, I'm focusing on 4 different places that can benefit from the use of Dreamwalls Matte Color Glass on vertical (wall) surfaces. 1) Residential kitchens: The soft … [Read more...]

High Point’s Fall Trends: Part 1


The way I spot trends, is first to get my mind open. I become a sponge, whose only purpose is to soak up all the shapes, colors, and textures I can. I walk around and take pictures of things that are: unusual make me smile repeating The repeating items are the ones that become my spotted … [Read more...]

The Beauty of Acid Etched Glass

Acid Etched Tile in Matte White

Here are just a few examples of the beauty and uniqueness that acid etched glass has to offer..... Acid etched tile display in matte white acid etched glass full wall installation in red Sleek black matte acid etched table top Natural-colored acid etched glass as shoe … [Read more...]