Sampling An Assortment of Pinks

Cherry Tree Montage

While the cooler temperatures of fall are always nice to feel this time of year, we will miss seeing nature's colors of spring. Regardless of the calendar, we're always sampling some beautiful colors of Dreamwalls Color Glass in our sample room. Below are just a few of the pinks that have been … [Read more...]

Your Cabin In The Woods

Leatherwood Mountains NC Getaway Color Ways Vacation Rentals Cabins

Sure, at Gardner Glass Products, we live in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains, but even we sometimes forget to take in the beauty that surrounds us. It's the pace of modern life and families that keep us so busy, that we need to relax and unwind and make a conscious effort to get back to … [Read more...]

Getaway Color Ways: Grandfather Mountain

The beautiful Grandfather Mountain. 
Photo Credit:

Recently, we've started to feel the shift in the temperature here in North Carolina. Burning hot temps in the 90s are slowly giving way to cooler 70 & 80 degree days, making it the perfect time to get some last minute end-of-summer outdoor activities in before the weather gets too cool. This is … [Read more...]

Getaway Color Ways: Linville Falls & Caverns

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Today we're going "gorging" again! Last week we took a trip to the Hickory Nut Gorge area, and this week we're heading to the Linville Gorge  to Linville Falls, and then on over to check out Linville Caverns. Linville Falls is located in Avery County on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It's said to be … [Read more...]

Getaway Color Ways: National Bike Month

A gorgeous view from one of the many biking trails along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Photo Credit: National Parks

Sunny skies, warm weather, bright colors all around.....there's a reason why May is National Bike Month! It's the perfect time of year to get outdoors and enjoy a nice outing with friends and family, or to take a peaceful bike ride by yourself. National Bike Month was first started in 1956 and since … [Read more...]

Getaway Color Ways: Great Smoky Mountain Railroad

GSM logo

One of my favorite places to visit here in North Carolina is Bryson City, located in the western part of the state. Bryson City is home to the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad, a very popular attraction for locals and tourists alike. I absolutely love riding on the train, especially in the fall or … [Read more...]

Getaway Color Ways: Appreciating North Carolina’s Beauty this Earth Day

This awesome art print comes from Katie Daisy's Etsy store and I absolutely LOVE it!

It's been another beautiful week here at Dreamwalls and the weekend looks to be more of the same. My morning and afternoon commute to work is around 40 minutes, so I've been enjoying this spring weather during my drive and taking in our beautiful scenery. It makes the drive time go by faster AND … [Read more...]

The Smiles of Nature


“Colors are the smiles of nature.” – Leigh Hunt … [Read more...]

Getaway Color Ways: NC Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores

Goldfish colors

March has quickly rolled around this year, which means the beginning of spring is only a few weeks away! The weather is still pretty chilly around here, though, which got me to thinking about different indoor activities to do until the temps start to warm up a little. When I was younger and my … [Read more...]

When The Creative Well Is Dry

How To Fill The Creative Well

We've all had it happen to us. A deadline is tight, and the idea just isn't "there". We feel as though our creative well has run dry and the feeling of panic rises. Or, what's worse,…you're not doing creative work at all,…mired in spreadsheets or analytics and you feel it sapping you of all your … [Read more...]